Shamining Review 2023: Mining Profitability, Pricing, Pros & Cons

Written by Lisa

December 21, 2022

Shamining Review

This is an in-depth review of Shamining, a popular cloud mining service. Uncover its features, pros, and cons for informed decision-making.

Shamining was established in 2018, and as of right now, they have been offering their services in the area of cloud mining for more than two years. It gained popularity because of some beneficial characteristics, including quick payment, dependability, advantages over other types, round-the-clock technical support, and no payment delays.

Let’s first take a closer look at the fact that cloud mining is a very speculative investment before we get started with this in-depth Shamining review. A significant portion of cloud mining platforms either run as outright frauds or, at the very least, deceive unwary users by claiming unreasonably high return rates. Therefore, it is crucial that you carefully evaluate a cloud mining platform’s legitimacy before investing any money in it.

What is Shamining


Shamining is a British company with head office in London. It was introduced in late 2018 by a group of cryptocurrency and Blockchain experts. Currently, the company provides services to 70 thousand registered users from all around the world, from Australia to North Europe and Africa. All services are provided remotely on Shamining (review the available cryptocurrency option below). Only $500 is required to rent a miner and begin making Bitcoins. Including both small and large crypto investors, shaming goods and services are genuinely within everyone’s financial reach. The average yield rate starts at 143%. It is currently one of the best offers available for personal cryptocurrency mining.

Three data centers are owned by Shamining, and they are located in Cape Town, California, and London. Such distribution is a big advantage of making money on the Internet. New data centers are also anticipated to open.

The business works with novice and experienced investors of various investment levels. For the first and second types of investors, the proper circumstances have been established; we will examine these circumstances in more detail.

Understanding whether Shamining is a scam or not, however, is not sufficient. We also need to research reviews, benefits, drawbacks, cooperation terms, support, and feedback. Only using such a strategy will enable us to achieve our goals.

Shamining Pros & Cons

The benefits and drawbacks of Shamining should be discussed first. Of course, no company can satisfy everyone’s needs perfectly. There is always someone who is unhappy with the situation. We were able to determine the advantages and disadvantages by analyzing actual reviews of the Shamining company.

shamining user reviews


  • Animated mining process
  • Minimum investment is 10$
  • Several ways for feedback
  • Transparent cooperation system
  • Various payment options include Bitcoin, Visa, Litecoin, Ethereum, Perfect Money, and Mastercard.
  • Instant round-the-clock payments
  • Earning of money by means of cloud mining
  • There are a lot of promotions and discounts
  • You can get a lot of useful information in section «Beware of scammers»
  • Mining of cryptocurrency is possible from any device
  • You can learn about employees in section «About the team»
  • More than 8 000 investors cooperate with them
  • It is possible to count the amount of investment depending from desired earnings
  • on the Internet, using the calculator on the web-site


  • There is no number for feedback
    Different conditions of mining

Shamining Cloud Mining Features Review

Review some of the current features that the company is providing to see what you can get from cloud mining on Shamining.

  • ASICs and GPUs are two different kinds of bitcoin miners. Customers use all of the miners from a distance.
  • control methods and statistics. Check your rented miners from any smartphone, tablet, or PC at any time.
  • Before purchasing a contract, use this income calculator to estimate your expected profit from cloud mining.
  • Deposit bonus (+37% of power) on the first investment for every new user.
  • Withdrawals can be made at any time in a secure manner.
  • Each customer receives personal manager support.
  • Reinvestment resources for people interested in generating a reliable passive income through cryptocurrencies.

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Payment Methods Reviews

How to start shamining

The tools and payment options that users of the platform can use to make payments and withdraw their mined coins are covered in the following section of our Shamining review. Like any trusted cloud mining provider, the company supports different payment methods.

  • wallets for digital currencies. Use your personal Bitcoin address to make or receive payments on Shamining.
  • No matter which bank you use, credit cards of any kind (including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express) are accepted.
  • Use your IBAN number to make payments for contracts and receive mined funds in euros through SEPA transfers.

Note the minimum initial amount on Shamining is $500 only. In order to earn a passive income from mining Bitcoin, anyone with a few hundred dollars can join a cloud mining company. On Shamining, substantial investments are not necessary (read more on the business website).

Contrary to Shamining, fraudulent businesses frequently experience difficulties with payouts. However, if you work with a reputable cloud mining provider, you can relax knowing that no matter what day you request a withdrawal, it will be handled within 24 hours. To get your reward from Bitcoin cloud mining, create a withdrawal request in the particular section on your account. The process usually takes a few hours, but you can start earning money whenever you like. Regarding payouts, you can always see how your business is doing on the website, which posts them daily.

Pricing & Fees Review

shamining contracts

Examine the miners and tariff plans that are offered before making your first payment on Shamining. While other currencies are temporarily unavailable on the platform, there are some options for cloud mining Bitcoin.

  • Low-hash-rate GPU miners. There are 23.580 GH/s of power. $0.0120 is the cost for 1 GH/s.
  • Hash rate-intensive GPU miners 94 340 GH/s is the power. The cost is $0.0113 for every GH/s.
  • ASIC miners with the highest hash rate. The power is 235 849 GH/s. It costs $0.0109 for every GH/s.
  • Contracts tailored to advanced users seeking the highest level of passive income. The power is 471 000 GH/s. The starting price for GH/s is $0.0106. Contact the technical support team to check availability before purchasing.

What terms does Shamining offer, then?

  1. The first requirement is a $10 investment. It is extremely difficult to find such a small investment with comparable organizations, so great! Just keep in mind that your earnings are dependent on the investments you make.
  2. Secondly, all technical conditions are changing by the power, that you bought.
  • Your income will be 143% higher if the power is 23 580 GH/s. For 1GH/s per day, the service fee is $ 0.0108.
  • If the power is 94 340 GH/s, your income is from 149%, and the service fee is $ 0.0106 for 1 GH/s per day.
  • If the power is 235 849 GH/s, your income is 156% and the service fee is $ 0.0104 for 1 GH/s per day.

Additionally, there is the choice of selecting each of the aforementioned qualities separately. You must speak with a company expert via the online chat feature on the website or the contacts tab to request a customized plan.

There are a lot of different plans to choose from and you can upgrade your plans as time passed by and your earnings grow, you will be able to adjust the desired power.

User Experience Review

Prior to writing a Shamining review, we undoubtedly personally investigated and tested the products. From the very first interaction, the user experience is super intuitive with a friendly and clear enough web interface. By following the instructions on the website, signing up and making a deposit are very simple.

For every user, the mining process is entirely automated. So you can give it all out and just enjoy the earning process. Before registering and making use of the company’s products and services, we advise you to read the Customer Policy and Privacy Policy. On specific pages of the Shamining website, you can find legal information, including AML (Anti-Money Laundering Policy).

Referral Program Review

Every registered investor is welcome to participate in a referral program that promotes the use of crypto cloud contracts to generate even more digital currency. Let us review the terms and conditions briefly. Invite your friends to join cloud mining contracts so you can earn more coins. Every customer earns 20% from the deposit made by any invited user. For instance, a friend you invited to the website registered an account and bought a $1,000 mining contract. You receive a $200 reward as a participant in the referral program directly into your account. Use your referral link to promote the provider’s goods and services as widely as you can to join the Shamining referral program.

Other Real Reviews About Shamining

The next topic on the agenda in our Shamining reviews is the actual -Reviews. All our research began with them and they also help us to figure out what people actually think about the company. The majority of comments, as we discovered, are positive, and it is challenging to find any that are critical. Although most reviews of Shamining are favorable, the author has expressed dissatisfaction with a few particular features, so we used this as the basis for our article when we compiled a list of drawbacks.

We took a few real reviews about Shamining.

  1. Janet Terrens: «I will not judge whether Shamining is a scam. Just a quick note regarding my collaboration, which began nine months ago. The whole process is very clear, you just rent a miner and earn money. A significant portion of profits are dependent on the investment; higher investment equals higher income. Basically everywhere is the same. I give the organization a perfect 10 out of 10 because there were no complaints about them.
  2. Denis Portnoy: “The miner operates according to cloud mining theory and at the declared power.” For the beginners, I recommend starting from 94 340 GH/s. Don’t worry, I’ve been using Shamining for a long time and am happy with it. Money withdrawals go off without a hitch. Everything is clear and easy».
  3. Nikolay Voevodin: «I came to 1 000 USD of monthly net profit. Trust me, I am an inveterate miner, I have never seen anything like this. Shaming is done to the highest standard.

These three reviews about Shamining were chosen at random and provide an impression.

Is Shamining Legit Or Scam?

Our investigation revealed that Shamining handles all technical details and work. To rent a miner, all you need to do is invest. Based on Shamining reviews, it is not necessary to have any technical pieces of knowledge. If you know your math it is just a bonus, because there is a special calculator on the website. You only need to enter your investment amount for the calculator to calculate your daily, monthly, and annual earnings. With this particular plan, you will also notice a power source. To maximize your profits, however, you can choose your plans more effectively and determine which plans you should combine by using some math.

You will see a graphical miner in addition to the typical charts with indicators when you log into your account. Depending on your mining capacity, it alters. On this, we previously spoke. The miners can be controlled from any mobile or PC or anything that has internet access.

Because of all the benefits it offers, it is difficult to think that Shamining is a scam. One of them is that Shamining utilizes technology created by IT-cryptocurrency experts. The main goal is to make use of various computing resources.

It does not impose a time restriction on workers. They added a special section titled “Beware of scammers.” Anyone seeking information on imposters or scam artists and how to avoid them is welcome to do so. Taking into account the aforementioned data and the negative reviews, you can put your trust in the company. It wouldn’t make sense to trick you and use their resources if it didn’t. Do we have a solution yet? Though let’s hold off on drawing any conclusions just yet.

Shamining Review Conclusion: Try It

It is possible to work with Shamining without having any prior knowledge of cryptocurrency or mining. All technical problems are handled by the business. A novice investor can begin to profit right away.

Due to its simplicity, mining is a process that many people will enjoy.

The company bases its operations on open communication and transparency. You can always use the specific calculator to check your potential income. You might be shocked when you compare it to the actual profits associated with it. Because it’s a good thing when your actual profits exceed your expectations.

The benefits can be seen with the naked eye, and the minimum investment is only $10. However, there are occasionally numerous discounts, sales, and coupons available. We can attest to the legitimacy of Shamining and can attest to this in this article about Shamining reviews.

If you are interested in investing in cloud mining, also read these cloud mining service reviews:

This article’s information is provided for educational purposes only; it does not constitute investment advice and is provided solely as the author’s opinion. You acknowledge that by using this, you are not receiving investment advice or financial advice. Do conduct your own research and reach out to financial advisors before making any investment decisions.


Does Shamining Have a Mobile App?

For the iPhone, iPad, and Android, Shamining does indeed have a mobile app.

How Good is Shamining?

The average profitability starts from 143% going up to 156% depending on the type of miners. Shamining offers automated payouts and offers helpful customer service around-the-clock. Every investor gets a minimum amount in their account every day with rare trench delays of up to 24 hours

What is Cloud Mining

Renting computing power from outside sources (cloud mining service provider) is a hands-free method of making cryptocurrency. Cloud mining firms allow people to open an account and remotely participate in the process of cryptocurrency mining for a basic cost, makes mining accessible to a wider number of people across the world. Since this type of mining utilizes the cloud, it eliminates problems like equipment maintenance and direct energy costs.

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