ASIC Miner vs GPU Miner 2022: Which is Better for Mining

Written by Lisa

December 2, 2022

ASIC Miner vs GPU Mining

A comprehensive compare ASIC miner vs. GPU mining rigs based on features, advantages, and differences for crypto miners to make a better mining plan.

You want to complete the task quickly when it comes time to mine cryptocurrency. Some choose ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) for its ability to calculate and mine specific cryptocurrencies quickly. GPUs (graphics processing units) are general-purpose processors that can calculate almost anything.

In essence, an ASIC is nothing more than a bitcoin mining device. In contrast, a sizable portion of GPUs come from casual miners who have a few rigs and mine in their spare time or from gaming rigs. Gamers stop mining when profitability drops, and sporadic miners sell their GPUs to gamers.

Both of these options are fantastic, but you should pick the one that best suits your requirements and financial constraints.

If you have the right information, you can mine cryptocurrencies profitably. Before making choices that will affect your mining plans, use this article to learn more about ASICs and GPUs. Let’s compare the profitability of ASIC vs. GPU miners.

GPU Mining

GPU Mining Rigs
GPU Mining Rigs

A wider range of mineable coins and more affordable hardware options are two ways that GPU mining typically lowers entry barriers for new cryptocurrency miners. As a stepping stone into cryptocurrency mining, some GPU miners refer to the activity.

A GPU mining rig can be purchased and set up easily, and the majority of would-be miners already have a GPU at home that they can use for mining. Most big-box electrical stores as well as online marketplaces sell GPUs.

As compared to early in the history of cryptocurrency mining, setting up GPU miners is also much simpler. The time when understanding Linux was necessary to configure GPU mining software is long past. Software for GPU mining can now usually be downloaded with just one click on a Windows computer; older laptops can even use this software. Additionally, the majority of mining programs include built-in wallets.

Key Considerations for GPU Miners:

  • The coin you should mine is… Although measuring expected profitability, hashrate growth, and popularity can be challenging or time-consuming, a variety of market data aggregation tools provide straightforward methods for doing so.
  • How should my GPUs be maintained? GPU mining frequently requires more maintenance and is more prone to failure than ASIC mining. However, replacement parts for ASIC machines are typically more difficult to find and buy online.
  • GPUs generate how much heat? Due to their lower power requirements, GPUs generate significantly less heat than ASICs. For a little heat without excruciating noise, GPU mining machines can typically be placed in a bedroom or living room. But if a miner has several GPU mining machines, each machine might need its own room.
  • What supplies do I need to mine GPUs? Starting a mining operation requires a variety of standard hardware, such as Ethernet cables, GPUs (AMD or Nvidia), or repurposed laptops.
  • Is home mining the only choice? No, novice miners should think about hashrate brokerages (such as, NiceHash) that enables miners to purchase hashrate from other miners instead of setting up an at-home mining operation.
  • Where am I able to sell GPUs? The good news for GPU miners is that hardware will be sought after by both miners and gamers. The only people who can buy the equipment for ASIC miners are other miners.

ASIC Mining

ASIC Miner

ASIC mining equipment is hardware created for chips specifically made for mining cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency mining ASICs are produced exclusively for mining, in contrast to GPUs, which are desired by both miners and gamers. GPU mining is largely unprofitable for popular Proof-of-Work assets like Bitcoin due to this specialized hardware.

ASIC mining equipment typically costs more, is noisier, and uses more energy than GPU equipment. But they typically offer more energy efficiency and require less maintenance. ASIC miners are more difficult to find than GPU miners, and at-home miners might need to make changes to their home’s electrical system before plugging in (i.e., installing a 220v power outlet.)

Key Considerations for ASIC Miners

  • Which coins are mineable with ASICs? In comparison to GPU miners, ASIC miners have much fewer options for which cryptocurrencies they can mine. The majority of ASICs are made for Bitcoin mining, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, and a small number of other assets.
  • Can I use ASICs to mine at home? ASIC-based at-home mining is common, yes. ASICs are typically kept in basements, garages, sheds, etc., but they are much noisier than GPU mining equipment.
  • ASICs produce how much heat? Because ASICs generate so much heat, some miners use it to grow food or heat hot tubs. However, in order to move the heat outside and introduce fresh air inside with a reliable ventilation system, GPU and ASIC miners should construct hot and cold lanes.
  • How do I maintain ASICs? Rebooting the device will typically fix the majority of issues with ASIC miners. However, if an ASIC keeps breaking down, the machine or machines can be sent to a certified repair shop. Compared to replacement parts for GPUs, replacement parts for ASICs are more difficult to find online.
  • Do ASIC machines require a lot of power? ASIC machines use a lot more energy than GPUs. In North America, most houses lack the necessary power supplies to run ASIC mining equipment. The power source for ASICs is a 220v outlet, similar to those found in laundry and drying rooms. For their wiring to handle the electricity required to power ASICs, at-home miners must upgrade it properly.
  • Where can I find ASICs to sell? The only counterparties for purchasing or selling cryptocurrency mining ASICs are other miners, unlike GPUs. Miners have access to a number of secondary markets and reselling services where they can buy and sell hardware.

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Although other cryptocurrencies can also be mined with ASICs, bitcoin mining is the most common among them. Regardless of the type of mining you select, both demand financial and time investments before reaping meaningful rewards. Additionally, mining on GPUs and ASICs need not be complementary to one another.

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Comparing ASIC Vs. GPU Mining

ASIC vs GPU mining

Hashrate Output

A lot of strong hash power is required for cryptocurrency mining. In terms of hash rate, ASIC is the better option. The new currency is produced when the miner finds a solution to the issue. Even though your hash rate does not directly affect your share of the reward, you still want a machine that can complete the task quickly. It ought to be a more potent choice than a GPU, unless you have an older ASIC. ASICs are made specifically to mine a single cryptocurrency. GPUs, on the other hand, can mine and perform other beneficial tasks.

For a short time, ASICs were superior to GPUs. However, many people developed PoW algorithms that were challenging for ASICs to crack. Even when ASICs were successful at resolving the problems, they were no more effective than a simple GPU. In fact, some cryptos (such as Equihash and Cryptonight) modified their software to the point where ASIC is now essentially obsolete. ASIC-resistant coins are being introduced to the market quickly, so keep that in mind.

If you look at the efficiency levels, ASICs do outperform GPUs in terms of hashrate. However, you are mining for cryptocurrencies, not solving hashes. 800 watts is the maximum power consumption for a typical ASIC. The same amount of power will be consumed whether your ASIC is more recent or not, and only a portion of the profits will be made. Dollar-for-dollar, GPUs are more effective when comparing these setups. Currently, a GPU miner uses 100 watts of power to mine a $1 cryptocurrency, whereas an ASIC miner needs 800 watts. These figures show that GPUs mine crypto more effectively than ASICs.

Although a GPU mining rig is larger than an ASIC one, physical space is frequently not a problem. However, once you hit the power wall with an ASIC unit, upgrading can be costly. You can mine more coins with a GPU before you need to consider an upgrade.

Ease of Use

You probably want something simple to use if you are thinking about mining cryptocurrency. ASICs are user-friendly, and beginners can start mining in a few short steps. Just keep in mind that mining efficiency directly correlates with profitability. Consider the mining industry to be a sport. You will succeed more when there is a barrier between you and those rewards. Your rewards will be much slimmer if everyone can win. Easy mining is not advantageous. At that level, everyone can compete with you, which will reduce your profits.

However, using GPUs to mine cryptocurrencies is more difficult. To begin your mining business, you can assemble a rig with some software. Keep in mind that you may want to Instead of purchasing a pre-made rig, build your own. Again, when the mining process is simple, the profitability is decreased. Consider using your mining rig to mine a cryptocurrency that is not frequently mined.

GPU Miner
GPU Miner

Price and Costs

They cost about $2,000 or less to buy. However, you shouldn’t select the least expensive choice. Consider following this formula:

Return on investment = income – sticker price – electricity + residual value

ASICs are known as one-trick ponies – they can only mine specific types of cryptocurrency. These miners can be used for other things when they have GPUs. The miners can sell the rig to players when profitability drops. Low profits force you to keep an ASIC that can only be used for mining, leaving you with a useless piece of equipment. In particular, when electricity prices rise, those who own GPU mining rigs are more likely to continue mining than those who own ASIC machines. The rig loses all of its value when an ASIC’s profitability stops outpacing the cost of electricity.

For the most part, the first day after you purchase an ASIC rig, its profitability will be at its highest. You will be more profitable by purchasing cryptocurrency or making a GPU investment, unless you have access to free or inexpensive electricity. Paying for power actually results in a bigger financial loss than cryptocurrency mining.

When compared to ASICs, GPU prices could be higher or lower. ASIC mining machines are typically more expensive, louder, and more power intensive than GPU machines. Although a modular system, a full 6-GPU miner can be more expensive than the typical ASIC. At the base, GPUs will cost around $500 to $700, but you have a pl

ora of options and price levels. The cost of running these machines is lower. Since they are made up primarily of computer components that are readily available off the shelf, they are simpler to buy, maintain, and sell.

Yes, it can cost more to build a single GPU mining than an ASIC, but GPUs are more efficient on a dollar-to-watt basis. In other words, this setup uses less energy than the ASIC unit. Although the initial cost of GPUs is high, the cost decreases over time.

Always keep in mind how volatile the cryptocurrency market is. Always be ready for the eventuality that the market collapses and mining become unprofitable. Crypto prices will always continue to rise and fall. These issues can even affect Bitcoin. However, that may be the best time to continue; during those times, many miners give up. You could benefit from your mining rig’s efforts if there was less competition.

Antminer ASIC Miner
Antminer ASIC Miner


If you want a flexible crypto mining rig, you cannot find that with an ASIC machine. They can mine more than one algorithm, yes, but ultimately, they can only be used for mining cryptocurrencies.

This debate is won by GPUs without a doubt. With that in mind, GPUs are the best choice for small or medium-sized miners. One cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, can be changed to another, like Ethereum, on your computer. Even though the ASIC can mine cryptocurrency, they are losing to their one game.

Unlike ASICs, which have remained static, GPUs can adapt to the needs of the market. With that flexibility, you can stay profitable even in a volatile market. You are left with a machine that serves no purpose because the ASIC is unable to adapt to many changes. At the end of the data, when the GPU is no longer useful for mining, you can convert it for other purposes.

You can always tell the system to someone who is prepared to pay top dollar for it given that its primary purpose was to play video games. Let’s face it, gamers outnumber miners by a significant margin. As a result, GPUs can be resold without devaluing them. Anybody who wants those components for their computers can find value in the HDDs, CPUs, motherboards, and every other component. Use computer components that are readily available as a result. You can always find a buyer for computers at a fair price, barring a global computer apocalypse.

Quality, Availability, and Warranty

ASICs are devices that were created specifically for them. They are frequently well-built but lack many frills. They are basic machines. They are not always available for purchase on the open market. For instance, you might need to pay a hefty tax rate, locate a shipper in China, and wait for customs. It may be more expensive for many people to ship an ASIC machine from abroad than it is to purchase a GPU miner. That could make it difficult for you to afford your new ASIC rig. Some businesses won’t accept PayPal or credit cards for the transaction. Additionally, many manufacturers only provide a 90-day warranty or do not stand behind their products.

Also, remember that ASICs are extremely loud. These devices are hazardous, noisy, and warm. You can forget about getting one if you live in an apartment. In many cases, a garage or basement is the only place where they can be used safely, and even then you must keep an eye out for overheating. Although ASICs appear small, they frequently produce a loud noise that is intolerable for many people. Multiple ASICs together in one space might not be the best idea if you want to build a mining farm.

ASIC Miner Components

ASICs have fans, like many other computers. However, those fans move at an incredible rate without slowing down. These devices should be kept in an area where little ones won’t put their fingers too close to the fan.

Consider GPUs now that you are aware of ASICs. You can find GPUs in all sizes and shapes. You can find a choice to suit your needs, whether they are loud or quiet, small or large, cool or hot. To increase the productivity of your mining rig, you can add components. In contrast to an ASIC machine’s bulky, boxy appearance, you can design one that is aesthetically pleasing.

If you are willing to spend the money, you can have a solidly built rig. In particular, if you want to increase your profitability, cheap isn’t always a bad thing. Since they were initially created for use in a home or office setting, GPUs are adaptable computers. There are no hazardous components, heat, or noise issues to be concerned about. The rest of your home won’t be impacted by installing these GPUs in a single room. You can also use several of these machines to establish a mining farm.

In addition to that, GPUs are readily available on the market. Any well-known retailer as well as a neighborhood store sells them. You have the choice of paying with cash or a credit card. Even Bitcoin is accepted as a form of payment by some merchants. When you need it in less than a day, overnight shipping is available. Unlike ASIC rigs, there are no issues with shady dealers or customs holds.

Many GPUs have simple return policies, and they frequently have warranties longer than three years. In a few cases, that represents the mining rig’s entire useful life. The GPU only requires packing and shipping if it needs to be fixed. GPU clearly prevails in this argument.

Future of ASIC Vs GPU Mining

Mining ASIC vs GPU have both been around for a while now and they both have a place in the mining industry. However, as new cryptocurrencies appear, miners might start to favor ASIC over GPU. This is due to how quickly ASICs can mine new coins compared to GPU. As a result, the mining industry may soon begin to move toward ASIC.

However, GPUs are still an effective choice for miners, and they will probably be used for some time to come. New GPUs will be developed that are specifically made for mining as new coins are introduced because GPU technology is constantly changing. Therefore, it makes sense to spend money on a good GPU miner if you want to stay on top of things.

When it comes to cryptocurrency mining, there are two main options: Asic or GPU mining. Which is the better choice for you given that both have advantages and disadvantages? It really depends on your preferences and needs. ASIC are the way to go if you’re looking for the most potent miner currently on the market. But GPUs are a better choice if you want a less expensive miner that uses less energy. The future of GPU or ASIC mining is uncertain, but both technologies will likely continue to be used in the mining industry for some time to come. You can be sure that you will be able to mine cryptocurrencies for a very long time to come, whichever option you choose.

Conclusion: Depends on Your Mining Plan

ASIC mining vs. GPU mining has been compared in this article. Both strategies give miners good options for productive cryptocurrency mining thanks to their distinct strengths and advantages. The newest and most effective miners available right now are ASICs.

If you want a profitable machine, an ASIC rig is not the best choice for those small to medium-sized miners. Large corporations are the target market for ASICs because they can use them profitably in the appropriate circumstances. An ASIC might not be the right device for you if you don’t have access to inexpensive power, a cold climate, or lax regulations. Since these mining rigs are made for mining cryptocurrencies, they are a waste of time and money.

Small and medium-sized miners, however, ought to pay attention to the GPU. A few machines in your basement would work great with these setups. Because you won’t need a large infrastructure to run and upgrade them, you’ll also have a significant advantage. You can recover some of your investment money by selling it to a gamer after you stop participating in the crypto mining game. With profitability in mind, your best choice would be a GPU machine.


Do ASIC Miners Use GPU?

For the simple reason that they were more effective than their immediate competitors, graphics processing units (GPUs) have been used in the mining process for years. Today, GPUs, too, have been rendered obsolete in crypto mining by highly-efficient application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs).

Is ASIC Faster Than GPU?

ASIC is considered more efficient and powerful than CPU and GPU miners because it is custom-built for a single hash algorithm. For each coin you want to mine, you must, however, purchase a unique ASIC. The mining equipment with an ASIC can perform better than other equipment in terms of performance.

Can ASIC Miners Mine Ethereum?

Only some cryptocurrencies can be mined because ASIC miners are devices built with a single hashing algorithm. If you want to mine Ethereum, you must do so with the Ethash algorithm. Only the SHA-256 algorithm can be used to mine bitcoin.

Will Ethereum Stop GPU Mining?

The transition, dubbed “The Merge,” means As of right now, Ethereum has reduced its energy requirements by up to 99.95%. It also means cryptocurrency miners can no longer use their PC graphics cards to generate Ethereum.

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