ECOS Mining Review 2023: Is It the Right Cloud Mining Choice

Written by Lisa

November 28, 2022

ECOS Mining Review

In this ECOS Mining review, find out what types of mining services ECOS offers, its cloud mining services’ safety and dependability, and whether or not it will be the best choice for you.

Overall, ECOS’s strongest suit is legality. In the past, the company has conducted business with reliable private and public institutions. ECOS is famous for its cloud mining services and it also provides a variety of features that are extremely uncommon to find in other services like benchmark testing tools, lending services, and miner benchmarking.

Let’s first take a closer look at the fact that cloud mining is a very speculative investment before we get started with this in-depth Ecos cloud mining review. A sizable portion of cloud mining platforms either operate as outright frauds or, at the very least, deceive unwary users by making unrealistically high return claims. Therefore, it is crucial that you carefully evaluate a cloud mining platform’s legitimacy before investing any money in it.

And this is precisely where ECOS seems to pack an edge over most competitors. According to what we have seen so far, it is one of the few products on the market right now that can actually make a claim to a high level of reliability.

What is ECOS Mining


ECOS has been in existence for almost four years. The Free Economic Zone (FEZ) in Hrazdan, which was created specifically to support high-tech startups dealing with cutting-edge new technologies, is the base of operations for this international platform with headquarters in Armenia. In actuality, ECOS was the principal party to the agreement with the Armenian government to create the FEZ.

Due to its status as a FEZ resident, ECOS is exempt from paying import or export customs duties. Additionally, it is not required to worry about VAT, real estate, or profit taxes.

You can put money into this new cryptocurrency’s development and future using its own token, ECOS. ECOS tokens can be used to buy a variety of other tokens, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. You can easily track your investments and diversify your portfolio as necessary with the platform, which is freely accessible to the public on mobile and the web.

When the platform entered a strategic partnership with the Hrazdan Thermal Power Plant in 2018, its operational effectiveness and profitability saw an additional boost. The Hrazdan plant began providing 200 MW of electricity to the ECOS data centers as per the terms of this agreement.

How Does ECOS Cloud Mining Work?

ECOS Cloud Mining
ECOS Cloud Mining

Cloud mining services are provided by the cryptocurrency mining company ECOS. The business’s hardware and software are used to mine cryptocurrencies using the most recent technology. They have a group of professionals on staff who have a wealth of knowledge about the cryptocurrency market. Depending on how much they are willing to spend on cloud mining, ECOS offers a wide range of plans to its customers.

ECOS asserts that it has data centers that can house tens of thousands of high-performance mining rigs along with supporting infrastructure. The business entered into a contract to purchase the machinery directly from Antminer, the largest producer of mining rigs in the world.

The S19 Pro, Antminer’s flagship product, is reportedly what the business uses most frequently as of right now. In a related vein, ECOS also provides Bitmain products.

There are no standard tariff packages available on the platform. Instead, it enables you to alter your contracts however you see fit. According to the platform, users can begin mining BTC for as little as $49 at first.

There are typically two different contract types available: one with a service fee and one without.

Electricity, the mining rig, infrastructure monitoring and maintenance, internet, and software are just a few of the extras that contracts with a service fee will have you pay for separately. The costs largely depend on the contract specifications you select. At the risk of stating the obvious, the fees increase with the hash rate you select. The relevant costs will be disclosed up front in contracts without service fees.

Regarding profitability, your earnings are influenced by a number of variables, such as the number of TH/s and the contract’s duration, the model of mining rig you chose, the price of electricity, and, of course, the daily dollar price of Bitcoin.

The minimum payout threshold is 0.001 BTC, which is currently just over $50. This means that in order to withdraw money to an external wallet, you need to have earned at least 0.001 BTC. You will also be responsible for paying the transaction fee. This is a fair amount, in our opinion, and the majority of users don’t seem to have any problems with it.

Features of ECOS Mining

Basic Features:

  • Start: $150.00 /per year
  • Custom Plan
  • Currency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, Litecoin
  • Minimum: 150 $
  • Payouts: Daily
  • Mobile App


  • A legitimately established platform with a so far transparent track record is ECOS cloud mining.
  • The platform is profitable as a result of its strategic partnership with an electricity provider.
  • Powerful mining rigs.
  • It receives numerous tax benefits due to its status as a resident of a FEZ, which ultimately benefit users.
  • Along with a full ecosystem of cryptocurrency services, such as a wallet and an exchange, ECOS also offers.
  • 24×7 customer support
  • Low startup costs—you can get going with as little as $49—make it possible.
  • data in real time regarding your mining activity.


  • Supports only Bitcoin mining.
  • To help new users better understand the platform, the ECOS cloud mining website could be more information-rich.

Is ECOS Mining Legit?

The mining of cryptocurrencies is one way that people can earn money online. However, this is not a simple process, and some people might not be able to complete it on their own.

Eco mining is a respectable way to earn money online, but it requires just as much time and effort as other forms of mining for it to be successful. Given that you must understand how the various ECOS operate, it can be a little challenging at first, but as soon as you get the hang of it, you’ll soon be making some extra money. Furthermore, it’s a developing trend in the field of digital marketing.

ECOS Mining Reviews: Positive & Negative

ECOS Trustpilot Reviews
ECOS Trustpilot Reviews

Overall, ECOS’s strongest suit is legality. In the past, the company has conducted business with reliable private and public institutions. With the assistance of the government of the nation, it even led the initiative for the opening of a FEZ in Armenia. These achievements set the platform apart from other, more generic cloud mining providers.

During our review of ECOS’s past performance, we did run into some unfavorable comments from a few irate users. Of course, we are in no way downplaying the complaints of these users. The fact that ECOS appears to be one of the few trustworthy options to consider should also be emphasized if you’re looking for a cloud mining platform.

Positive Reviews

  • Beautiful interface
  • Better than the rest
  • Good value for money
  • Lots of long time users
  • Money back guarantee
  • Really appreciated by its users
  • The trial version is great

Negative Reviews

  • Account setup is hard
  • Don’t waste your time
  • Fake reviews
  • Mobile app is bad
  • Takes forever to get approved
  • Waiting time

ECOS Mining Rates & Profitability

ECOS Mining Calculator

Since it focuses on individual contracts with tailored parameters, ECOS mining does not provide general tariff packages. Based on the investment size, contract length, expected bitcoin price, and service charge, customers themselves select an appropriate offer.

The calculator estimates cloud mining’s profitability and contrasts it with the profit you could possibly make from mining independently. Although many of the variables that affect it cannot be calculated with precision, calculations made in the past and present frequently agree.

Both newcomers to the market and seasoned investors can mine cryptocurrencies because the contract value ranges from $149 to $2000. Additionally, ECOS mining offers special welcome contracts starting at $49 and auction contracts beginning at $10.

A special calculator on ECOS mining will directly calculate the anticipated mining profitability and contrast it with purchasing cryptocurrency. Say, for instance, that you are a cautious investor with no prior knowledge of cryptocurrencies.

The contract period is roughly a year, and such an investor will likely have a conservative risk profile. Small investments, like $500, are made. Based on the recent rally, the expected value of bitcoin is only $10,000 more expensive than it is right now. A cautious investor who made a $500 investment will ultimately make a profit of about $282.

How to Get Started With ECOS Mining

There are three different versions of ECOS cloud mining, including a Web app and apps for Android and iOS. Since ECOS appears to have made an extra effort to make the apps useful and concise, ease of use is unlikely to be a problem, even for novice users.

The registration process is also fairly simple and can be summarized into the following quick steps:

  • Filling out the extremely simple registration form shouldn’t take longer than a minute.
  • Open the “Purchase Capacity” tab.
  • To narrow down your choices to the one that best fits your needs and budget, look through all of the options. The profitability calculator is accurate and provides you with helpful information about how much investment is necessary to meet your daily or weekly profit targets.
  • When you’ve made up your mind, select the Buy Now button. Before continuing to the next phase, remember to review the contract’s specifications.
  • Pay for the contract using your preferred payment method.

How to Withdraw from ECOS Mining

ECOS withdrawal

To withdraw earned funds, you need to follow five simple steps:

  1. Go to the “Wallets and withdrawal” tab
  2. Enter your wallet address
  3. Enter withdrawal amount
  4. Determine the speed of the transaction (the cost of the commission charged by the bitcoin network depends on it)
  5. Press the “Withdraw” button

Conclusion: a Comprehensive Cloud Mining Solution

A lot of features are available through the cloud mining service ECOS. While some of the features are extremely uncommon to find in other services, others are quite widespread. Let’s examine the features provided by ECOS in more detail: The first thing you’ll notice about ECOS is that it provides a variety of features. While some of the features are extremely uncommon to find in other services, others are quite prevalent. For instance, ECOS provides benchmark testing tools, lending services, and miner benchmarking. These are all distinctive features that aren’t offered by many other cloud mining companies. The ECOS system is not without drawbacks, though. For instance, they don’t provide GUI miners or automatic payouts. Additionally, their Android mobile app is still under construction and cannot yet be used. Even with these drawbacks, ECOS still has a ton of fantastic features to offer. They offer real-time analytics through their user-friendly web-based software. Additionally, they provide support in multiple languages and are available around-the-clock. They also have an automated smart mining feature that makes sure you’re always mining the most lucrative cryptocurrency. For those seeking a complete cloud mining solution, ECOS is a fantastic option.



Is Mining Bitcoin in ECOS Safe?

There have been numerous arguments about whether or not cryptocurrencies are a safe investment since their introduction. Many people are still hesitant to make cryptocurrency investments because they are unsure if the risk is worthwhile.

The reality is that bitcoin is secure and that cryptocurrencies have a wide range of applications. It is a tool for investment as well as a means of exchange. One factor that makes bitcoin so secure is the blockchain technology that underpins it, which renders it impossible to forge and hack into.

So, is ECOS mining bitcoin secure? Yes, but you should exercise caution when investing in cryptocurrencies as there may be some risks, just like with other types of investments. In addition, cryptocurrencies are a relatively new form of money. Some people think it’s the way of the future, while others don’t want to gamble with their money in such a erratic and unpredictable market.

What is ECOS Staking?

ECOS Staking is the process of holding funds in the wallet in preparation for receiving compensation. This tool offers the chance to obtain the estimated income in the simplest manner. You don’t have to complete the transactions or any other challenging tasks. Under the same level of risk, users may receive the highest profit possible.

What is ECOS Portfolio

ECOS Portfolio is a tool for investment in portfolios of digital assets. Portfolios from ECOS come with a range of risk-to-reward ratio indicators. A portfolio could be chosen by any user, regardless of experience.

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