Bitcoin Mining Machines Buying Guide (New Update)

Written by Arya Wang

January 7, 2023

Bitcoin Mining Machines Buying Guide (New Update)

The best way to mine Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies on a large scale is to buy reliable bitcoin mining machines and set them up to work with a cloud-based cryptocurrency mining pool.

List of Bitcoin Mining Hardware Machines

  1. Nebra Outdoor Helium Hotspot Miner HNT Crypto 915 MHz US
  2. Bitcoin Miner Machine Whatsminer M30S/M31S+
  3. HUI YOU Professional Bitcoin Whatsminer M31S+ 76T 42W/T
  4. SenseCAP M1 LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway Helium Crypto Miner
  5. SOONTECH Complete Mining Rig System for Ethereum Coin
  6. Canaan AvalonMiner 1246 85TH/s Bitcoin Miner
  7. M2 Pro Crypto Miner – Blockchain Multi-Token Mining
  8. Antminer S9 Bitcoin Miner
  9. QIO TECH Bitmain Antminer S19j pro 100th/s

The most well-known cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, promises a decentralized financial system free from governmental interference and bad management. Many people are turning to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin for relief from spiraling inflation.

It follows that the widespread interest in Bitcoin mining is understandable. But there’s a lot to learn before you dive in, like how to pick the best Bitcoin mining machines.

You must understand how to pick the Bitcoin mining machines if you want to mine Bitcoin like a pro. Learn more here.

Why Mine Bitcoin?

The digital currency has become widespread across many industries ever since it was first developed, particularly Bitcoin in the late 2000s.

Additionally, it is true that a lot of nations are starting to recognize cryptocurrencies and are taking steps to incorporate them into various economic sectors. So the question of why mine cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and others still stand.

The straightforward response is that Bitcoin relies on mining; without it, there would be no cryptocurrency. The operation is made possible by mining, which also gives the business its legitimacy. However, there are other, more practical justifications for doing this. Let’s look at a breakdown of some of these reasons:

• Greater acceptance and more flexibility for cryptocurrencies are directly correlated with Bitcoin mining. Being a Bitcoin miner is also not too difficult. Making a wallet, getting your mining rig set up, and learning the ins and outs of cryptocurrency are not too difficult tasks. Your biggest challenge will be finding the best Bitcoin mining device.
• All transactions are posted because mining increases process transparency.
• Additionally, it helps to secure transactions, ensuring that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continue to be secure alternatives to fiat money.
• Bitcoin payments’ anonymity is maintained by mining, preventing their tracking.
Crypto mining offers a simple way to earn Bitcoin with little initial outlay, but this fact is sometimes overlooked.
• And finally, it’s a chance to help create the most promising currency of the future, which Bitcoin and its rivals unquestionably are.

There is really no excuse not to join the growing community of Bitcoin miners if you have the necessary resources, motivation, and ambition.

9 Bitcoin Mining Hardware Machines For Your Choice

Nebra Outdoor Helium Hotspot Miner HNT Crypto 915 MHz US

Bitcoin Mining Machines Buying Guide (New Update)

With helium power and a 915 MHz processor in a small form factor, the Nebra Hotspot Miner is a high-performance Bitcoin miner.

The Nebras Hotspot Miner (HNT) is the first radio-frequency-enabled, helium-powered miner in the world, and it uses a lot less energy than conventional silicon-based miners. Profitability has increased as a result, and a more sustainable mining solution has been developed.

The Nebra HNT is the world’s first outdoor hotspot portable, affordable cryptocurrency miner. It can mine a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, and is propelled by a state-of-the-art application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC).

The Outdoor HNT Hotspot Miner creates a wide range of opportunities, including mounting a hotspot on the outside of structures, homes, and rooftops. It’s the perfect solution for applications that require greater coverage across towns, cities, and villages.

Top Features

• Efficient miner for Helium (HNT), a new cryptocurrency
• Setup in minutes with a smartphone
• Low Power – consumes the same amount of power as a broadband router (15W)
• Hotspots and tokens can be easily managed from the mobile app.

As a result of the use of LongFi technology, IoT devices can have a long battery life and a good range. A case with an IP67 rating protects it from water and dust infiltration and can withstand harsh environments.

Bitcoin Miner Machine Whatsminer M30S/M31S+

Bitcoin Mining Machines Buying Guide (New Update)

The M30S and M31S have the ability to automatically change the clock’s frequency and quantity, enabling them to independently mine any cryptocurrency that is in high demand.

The M30S and M31S have an industry-leading energy efficiency rating of 99.9%, enabling them to use the least amount of energy possible to maximize revenue.

The M30S and M31S also come with a built-in heater to maintain constant machine operation. The hardware ASIC mining device known as the M30s employs the SHA-256 algorithm.

The Whatsminer M30s are capable of mining a number of well-known coins, including Unbreakable (UNB), TerraCoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin (BTC) as well as other altcoins.

One of the first miners to use the 3x joules per Terahash generating was the M30S. It has a maximum Terahash of 88 TH/s and power consumption of 3344W, with a hash rate variation of less than 5% and a power consumption fluctuation of less than 10%.

The WhatsMiner M30S’s power supply is a common model, the P21-GB-12-3300, and it makes use of a 16A power cord. It uses two 12V 7.2A fans instead of one, which lowers power usage and noise levels.

This system has three built-in hash boards, each with 148 Samsung 8nm ASIC chips for a total of 444. The Whatsminer M30S was developed to meet a number of technical requirements for dependability and profitability.

HUI YOU Professional Bitcoin Whatsminer M31S+ 76T 42W/T

Bitcoin Mining Machines Buying Guide (New Update)

The supplier of ASIC bitcoin miners is HUI YOU. As a reputable and experienced supplier, HUI YOU will provide skilled and high-quality miners with all of the newest and most high-end products. The building of mining rigs is a common practice among mining pools and services.

The M31S+ is the most recent item from HUI YOU. Powerful and energy-efficient, it is a miner for Bitcoin and Ethereum. The Whatsminer M31S from MicroBT mines the SHA-256 algorithm at a maximum hash rate of 76Th/s while utilizing 3192W of power.

In terms of energy efficiency, the Whatsminer M31S+ surpasses the Whatsminer M31 by a wide margin. It boasts a higher power output and lower operating costs than its predecessor with a 42w/T efficiency rating.

While maintaining the same efficiency rating, it generates more power than the original M31.

It has a cutting-edge 55-nanometer ASIC chip with a fully customized design that improves performance by 5% over the previous generation. A single power supply can be used to power it thanks to its powerful 42 Watt power consumption.

But users can increase their mining capacity and power efficiency by connecting multiple HUI YOU Professional Bitcoin miners to a mining rig.

It is significantly less expensive than Antminer S19 95TH and S19, and outperforms Antminer T17+ 64TH, T17 PLUS, S17e 60TH, Antminer S9j, Antminer S17pro 53TH, and S9j 14.5TH.

SenseCAP M1 LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway Helium Crypto Miner

Bitcoin Mining Machines Buying Guide (New Update)

The SenseCAP M1 is a pre-configured LoRaWAN gateway that is compatible with Helium LongFi networks.

It connects to the People’s Network in just a few minutes and enables you to build LoRa (Long-Range) applications that are affordable in just a few easy steps. It is designed for high-density, low-power applications.

This delicate sensor and data logger joins the LoRaWan network to enable long-distance, low-latency communication. The device features an ECC608 crypto chip for secure authentication and a dependable connection, along with an 8GB storage capacity.

Raspberry Pi 4 now comes with a completely upgraded, redesigned, and more potent operating system.

The LoRaWAN Gateway can be installed almost anywhere indoors and is made to be secure, tamper-resistant, and enclosed.

The SenseCAP M1 LoRaWan microcontroller, which has a LoRaWan radio and a crypto engine for mining digital currencies, serves as the foundation for the LoRaWAN Gateway.

Top Features

• A built-in capability for remote diagnosis exists.
• To keep the operation steady, the heat sink and cooling fan offer effective cooling.
• Upgrades that happen automatically are included.

M1s that support LoRaWAN can communicate over long distances over LoRaWAN networks and also over short distances over cellular networks, giving them the best of both worlds.

SOONTECH Complete Mining Rig System for Ethereum Coin

Bitcoin Mining Machines Buying Guide (New Update)

It’s the market’s first complete Ethereum and Zcash mining system, and it can start mining right away. The system is the most powerful one available because it is designed to support premium graphics cards.

Using the most recent AMD and Nvidia GPUs, SOONTECH is a complete mining rig setup. The system is more effective and runs continuously at its peak performance thanks to the heat dissipation open design and four cooling fans.

Both novice and seasoned miners can easily maximize the performance of their GPU, motherboard, and power supply thanks to the system’s plug-and-play design, which eliminates the need for assembly.

A B85 frame made of the best iron possible encases the entire system.

It comes with a motherboard, an Intel CPU 1840/1820 (with CPU cooler), a 128GB SSD, 4GB RAM, a power supply, and the Windows 10 operating system. There is enough room between the graphics cards to allow for air convection.

It operates at a noise level of no more than 26.65 (dB-A) and can support up to 8 GPUs.

A 1800W (built-in) power source powers the entire system, and thanks to its expert construction, it keeps running quietly even when fully loaded.

Among its additional features are a mining machine with a B85 frame, a professional design, a very low noise level (26.65 dB-A), and a superheat dissipation design.

Canaan AvalonMiner 1246 85TH/s Bitcoin Miner

Bitcoin Mining Machines Buying Guide (New Update)

A high-performance crypto-mining solution designed for the most demanding applications is Canaan’s 1246.

It has a power efficiency of 38J/TH, a dependable integrated design, and a maximum power consumption of 3420W.

It has an 85TH/s SHA-256 mining speed. In terms of cost-effectiveness, it is the best choice for small- to medium-sized mining operations.

The device uses four high temperature resistant 12038 cooler master fans to dissipate heat from the machine because it operates at a high hash rate. It won’t take much longer to customize or set up this device for use.

The cost of electricity should be taken into account by miners who are considering purchasing this equipment because it consumes a lot of power (3420W). With its plug-and-play mining software, the system instantly adjusts to your mining needs.

Top Features

• AI chip built-in
• Design of a unique reinforcing
• Simple Installation and Maintenance
• Built-in chip to analyze hash rate fluctuations

AvalonMiner 1246, the company’s flagship product, uses an SHA-256 algorithm, is made for intermediate to advanced users, and is built for the most productive and effective cryptocurrency mining.

The Canaan Avalonminer 1246 is capable of mining a number of cryptocurrencies in addition to bitcoin, including Bitcoin (Acoin), Curecoin (cure), Joulecoin (Xjo), unbreakable (UNB), Peercoin (PPC), Bitcoin cash (BCH), eMark (DEM), Terracoin (TRC), BitcoinSV, and others (BSV).

M2 Pro Crypto Miner – Blockchain Multi-Token Mining

Bitcoin Mining Machines Buying Guide (New Update)

It is the first multi-token, low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) IoT crypto miner and the most widely used utility cryptocurrency miner in the world.

The foundation of M2’s mining platform is the notion that mining ought to be straightforward, open to all users, and capable of generating the highest returns with the least amount of risk.

The M2 generation of cryptocurrency miners aims to automate difficult mining computations and turn your computer into a mining rig for cryptocurrencies.

IoT data can be turned into a tradeable asset using the PoP (Proof of Participation) mining technique used by the M2 Pro.

Its multi-token mining system enables miners to diversify their holdings. To cut operating power consumption and its impact on the environment, it uses LPWAN.

Top Features

• MatchX’s proprietary power technology to lower energy costs
• Proof of Participation (PoP) model to mine multiple tokens
• Plug and play setup to start in minutes

No coding knowledge is necessary to operate this mining device, and connecting to the MXC DataDash app only requires scanning the miner’s QR code.

Antminer S9 Bitcoin Miner

Bitcoin Mining Machines Buying Guide (New Update)

The Antminer S9 is Bitmain’s most recent ASIC miner in a long line of ASIC miners.

The newest miner from Bitmain in the S9 series is said to be more effective than earlier models. Quality miners with uncompromised performance are something Bitmain is renowned for producing.

It is currently one of the most effective and powerful mining equipment.

For those who are knowledgeable about the specifics of mining or who want to maximize their mining investment, the S9 is made. Your mining investment could yield a sizable return with the help of the S9.

It is possible to configure the Antminer S9 to mine Bitcoin at its maximum hash rate of 13.5 TH/s. One of the most energy-efficient Bitcoin mining machines on the market, the Antminer S9 consumes 1323W of power when operating at peak performance.

Because it has a built-in web management portal, no separate hosting or system is required. It makes use of the Bitcoin-friendly SHA-256 algorithm from Bitmain.

The Bitmain Antminer S9 is very similar in size to the wildly popular Antminer S7 and shares the same form factor. Despite this, it has power and efficiency that are more than three times as great as the S7.

The BM1387 chip, which has a 16nm chip size and is used with an Ethernet interface, is housed on three chipboards. With an output of 85 decibels, it is one of the loudest sounds; as a result, mining farms are more appropriate for using it than homes.

QIO TECH Bitmain Antminer S19j Pro 100th/s

Bitcoin Mining Machines Buying Guide (New Update)

The SHA-256 algorithm is used by QIO Antiminer, which has a maximum hash rate of 100 TH. The hash rate is so high that a sizable profit margin is practically guaranteed.

Power is utilized in large amounts by the Bitmain Antminer s19j Pro 104 Th. A total of 2950 watts of power can be used by the miner.

It uses the SHA-256 algorithm, one of the safest hashing techniques in the cryptocurrency mining industry, and can hash at a maximum rate of 100 TH.

Since the hash rate is so high, a significant profit margin is practically guaranteed. Power is used extensively by the Bitmain Antminer s19j Pro 104 Th. The miner uses a maximum of 2950 watts of power.

It can hash at a rate of 100 TH at its maximum. The hash rate is incredibly high, suggesting greater consistency in the production of bitcoin.

You can monitor your mining progress while you’re away thanks to the miner’s ASIC compatibility. The miner’s efficiency is 29 percent, which is higher than that of other Bitcoin miners.

One would anticipate it to be loud given the high hash rate and power consumption. The manufacturer has nevertheless developed environmentally friendly mining equipment with a sound volume of 75 decibels.

It weighs 13.2 kg and is 22.44 x 16.93 x 12.44 inches in size. The miner is straightforward to set up and has an Ethernet interface.

Factors to Consider While Purchasing a Mining Machine

Processing Unit

Most mining applications require a graphics processing unit (GPU) or a central processing unit (CPU). On the other hand, because it now takes more time and energy to mine a coin, GPU and CPU mining are no longer as profitable as it once was.

The use of an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) mining setup that is specifically designed for cryptocurrencies is advised. Even multi-GPU mining rigs are possible to construct, but they are significantly less computationally powerful than ASICs.


When choosing an ASIC, it is essential to comprehend the hash rate or the speed at which an ASIC can complete mining operations. A higher hash rate will allow you to mine more quickly, but it will cost you more upfront. One study found that it takes 1,544 kWh, or roughly 53 days’ worth of electricity for the typical US home, to complete one Bitcoin transaction.

In the long run, choosing an energy-efficient mining machine will be to your advantage.

The SHA-256 algorithm, heat and temperature generation, noise levels, profitability, warranty, etc. are additional technical considerations.


Your mining system is a group of specialized hardware that performs the hashing operations necessary for bitcoin mining. Your mining system will produce cryptocurrency faster and at a higher rate the more powerful it is.

However, because mining is an expensive activity, it’s essential to pick a mining machine that is both economical and effective.


Is a Bitcoin Mining Machine Worth It?

The quick answer is yes, bitcoin mining can be profitable if you make the right equipment investments and join a bitcoin mining pool. Despite this, a large profit isn’t a given because there are numerous unknowns. Not everyone should engage in mining.

How Much Does a Bitcoin Mining Machine Cost?

Depending on the brand, model, and state of the item, a motherboard for cryptocurrency mining can cost anywhere between $100 and $200. On the other hand, regular motherboards can be purchased for $60 and up.

Are Bitcoin Mining Machines Illegal?

For the most part, mining bitcoin is legal. Several nations, including Algeria, Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Iraq, Morocco, Nepal, Qatar, Russia, and Tunisia, have banned bitcoin mining. Because of energy concerns, Sweden is urging a ban within the EU.

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