What Is Antminer? How Much Does It Make A Day?

Written by Arya Wang

February 10, 2023

What Is Antminer How Much Does It Make A Day

Most miners unquestionably start their operations from home, and once they begin to turn a profit, they move their miners to colocation facilities or mining farms.

Bitmain created and manufactures Antminers, specialized cryptocurrency mining equipment, in mainland China.

What is an ant miner, exactly? This guide will discuss antminers. If you’re curious, keep reading.

What is Antminer?

Antminers are the name of the mining machinery produced by the Chinese company Bitmain. In 2013, Micree Zhan and Jihan Wu founded Bitmain.

In order to focus on mining as a means of generating income, Micree Zhan, an expert in chip design, founded Bitmain with Jihan. The Bitmain group quickly became the dominant force in the Bitcoin mining market.

Several companies have dominated the newly competitive mining market thanks to the Antminer, a tool that Bitmain first created in 2013. Bitmain Antminers are used to mine Bitcoin to the tune of 70% of the total.

Simply put, Antminers are tools for mining Bitcoin. They are regarded as the most powerful mining machinery in existence. There are Antminers for a number of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, ZEC, and Ether.

Pay Per Last N Shares is exempt from Antminers’ (PPLNS) Bitcoin mining fees. All of the transaction fees that are collected are, however, kept by them. The high power consumption of antminers is one of the main factors affecting mining ROIs. Approximately 1,375W are used by the most recent Antminer, the Bitmain Antminer S9. Thus, you will spend between 15 and 30 cents an hour operating the S9.

How Much Does an Antminer Make a Day?

At low electricity prices like those we offer with the Managed Mining program, you can earn almost $17 per day with a single Antminer S19*. This vastly outperforms the older S9’s mining profitability, which was over $500/month and $6100/year. If you want to make mining really profitable in 2022, one of your best options for an ASIC from Bitmain’s S19 generation is.

What Is Antminer How Much Does It Make A Day

Antminer Models

Bitmain offers the S17 and T17 models, which produce 70 and 40 terahashes/second for SHA256 mining (Bitcoin Core and clones), respectively.

An S17+ Antminer will use 2800 watts, or 2.8 kW-h, of electricity.

Operating an S17 Antminer would cost U$ 0.42 per hour at a cost of U$ 0.15 per kWh.

At the current average electricity cost in the United States, this equates to U$ 312.50 in electrical energy per month.

An S17 is made up of 195 specific ASIC chips that generate SHA256 hashes for Bitcoin blocks. There are three system boards in the main system, each with 65 mining chips.

The new S17 model is 10 kg heavier and twice as tall as the previous S Antminer models.

The Bitmain power supply will rectify and filter the supplied AC mains power before feeding it to the Antminer, enabling it to operate with both 50 and 60 Hz frequency energy.

Antminer Power Supplies

Although you can provide your own power supply for Antminers, it is recommended you purchase an official Bitmain PS such as the one below:


A significant challenge for Bitcoin miners is ordering Antminers.

Long pre-order lines form for each new release, and the batches frequently sell out within hours of being released.

Given that in 2020 Bitcoin mining capacity will have surpassed 120 exahashes/s, there will be an increasing demand for Antminers. To remain competitive in the mining industry, it is imperative to stay up to date with the newest Antminers.

Less than half of the hashrate that was attained by Bitcoin at the year’s end was still present at the start of 2019. Bitmain Antminer machines provide the majority of this world’s hashrate.

In order to purchase Antminers before novice miners can, some experienced second-hand dealers join purchase queues. They regularly resell these Antminers at eBay and other online bazaars for a significant markup, sometimes twice the original price or more.

Closing Line

In this article, we have looked at “what is antminer?” The Antminer can bring in about 0.1248924 Bitcoin, or $104.40 per month, based on the electricity prices mentioned earlier. To break even on an Antminer that costs $1,000 upfront, it will take you about ten months.


Is Antminer Good for Mining?

The best cryptocurrency mining equipment available right now for mining SHA-256 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, is the Antminer S19 Pro ASIC Bitcoin miner. This has the highest power usage, efficiency, and hash rate.

What Antminer Makes the Most Money?

The most profitable ASIC miner for Bitcoin and the SHA-256 algorithm at the moment is the Antminer S19 Pro.

Is Antminer Only for Bitcoin?

They are thought to be the world’s most potent mining equipment. There are Antminers for different cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, ZEC, and Ethereum. For Pay Per Last N Shares (PPLNS), Antminers don’t charge a mining fee for Bitcoin. However, they hold on to every transaction fee on the block.

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