What Is Ravencoin Halving? How Does It Work?

Written by Arya Wang

February 3, 2023

What Is Ravencoin Halving? How Does It Work?

A digital peer-to-peer network called Ravencoin aims to facilitate quick transfers of assets from one user to another.

It is a fork of the bitcoin source code that was declared in October 2017 and made public in January 2018.

For more information on the Ravencoin halving, continue reading.

What is Ravencoin Halving?

Ravencoin halving is a process where, once every 4 years or so, the mining rewards for the RVN token are halved.

That definition seems to be fairly self-explanatory. There are many more details than what is visible, though, as with most other aspects of crypto. You must first be familiar with the complexities of the Ravencoin project, specifically the mining of RVN tokens, in order to comprehend how halvings on the cryptocurrency operate.

How Does Ravencoin Halving Work?

To put it simply, the halving of Ravencoin is very similar to that of Bitcoin. Both halving events happen around every 4 years or so, and they both “do the same thing” – halve the rewards that miners receive from mining a block on the network (confirming transactions and keeping the entire blockchain secure).

The big difference, however, lies in numbers. The two blockchain projects in question are still very different, so even though both halvings occur roughly every four years, the numbers also vary. Take a look for yourself:

Bitcoin has a total supply of 21 million, while Ravencoin has 21 billion;
• Bitcoin’s current block mining reward is 6.25 BTC, while Ravencoin’s is 2500 RVN;
• It takes around 10 minutes to mine a BTC block, while it only takes about 1 minute to mine that of RVN;
• In contrast to Ravencoin, which experiences a halving every 2,100,000 blocks, Bitcoin experiences a halving every 210,000 blocks.

The Ravencoin network’s hard cap is 1,000 times greater than Bitcoin’s, but it also has a 10x faster block mining process, so the math holds. Additionally, it requires 10 times as many blocks for Ravencoin’s halving to take place as it does for Bitcoin.

The result is that both blockchains will have very similar amounts of time to take part in their respective halving events.

The block mining rewards are the important figures I haven’t yet discussed. Similar to BTC or any other “traditional” halving-employing cryptocurrency on the market, Every time there is a halving, Ravencoin reduces its mining rewards in half.

There has only been one RVN halving as of the time this text about the Ravencoin halving countdown was written. It happened on January 11, 2022. Assuming that all halvings will happen every 4 years, this is what the halving schedule is estimated to look like:

DateBlock HeightBlock Reward
January 11, 20222,100,0002,500 RVN
Est. early 20264,200,0001,250 RVN
Est. early 20306,300,000625 RVN

The exact future RVN halving dates are difficult to determine since the actual halving event takes place not in accordance with time but rather the block height. As a result, even though it takes approximately 4 years to mine 2,100,000 RVN blocks (at a rate of one block per minute), this number may vary since the rate at which blocks are mined isn’t always constant.

The halvings would go on long after 2030, though. The last Ravencoin halving doesn’t currently have a set date – instead, as the team behind the project puts it, it will happen when “the mining reward can no longer be halved”.

The rationale for the Ravencoin halvings is yet another point worth mentioning. In actuality, the goal is to stabilize the entry of new coins into the market and to artificially inflate prices, just like with Bitcoin, Litecoin, or any other cryptocurrency of a like nature. But this merits its own chapter to itself.

How Do Ravencoin Halvings Affect the Price of RVN?

Crypto halvings tend to generate a lot of hype in the communities of those particular crypto assets because that is their main purpose. People start to make predictions about how the asset’s price will change as a result of the halving and whether or not it will be a long-term positive development.

We do, however, have something that many RVN supporters did not have at the start of 2022—hindsight. So, let’s take a look at the Ravencoin price chart:

What Is Ravencoin Halving? How Does It Work?

On the graph, the day of the RVN halving is indicated by a line and a green dot. While it would be silly to draw any definitive conclusions out of a single halving event, we can still analyze how it impacted the overall price movement of the token.

Admittedly, the outcome most token holders probably didn’t anticipate was what it was! While Ravencoin did see a very small boost in price right after the halving, it quickly continued its downward trend, just like it has been doing for some time now – since August 2021.

While it may not have been the outcome that many have expected, it’s really not too surprising, either. The only crypto halving that tends to “set trends” on the market is that of Considering that Bitcoin is without a doubt the No. 1 cryptocurrency, it makes sense that whenever there’s a major event related to it, the market reacts as well.

Smaller initiatives like Ravencoin simply lack the clout to significantly alter market trends. Following that, if the general market sentiments are bearish (which they were during the time of the first RVN halving), then a sudden surge in price, all thanks to a halving event, isn’t exactly feasible either!

Having said that, keep in mind that everything above is just a theory, and it would be incorrect to draw any firm inferences or conclusions from a single halving.

What Are the Ravencoin Halving Price Predictions for 2026?

It’s not exactly a smart idea to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of the Ravencoin halvings just yet, as I noted in the previous chapter, but supporters of the project love to predict price movements.

However, it is important to note that price forecasts are closely related to broad market trends as well as world news cycles. This holds true for all cryptocurrencies, but it’s especially true for ones like Ravencoin.

That’s because, as we’ve already mentioned, the RVN coin isn’t exactly at the top of the popularity charts, so its performance is frequently influenced by these same broader trends as well as the performance of other, more well-known cryptos like the aforementioned Bitcoin and Ethereum.

But what are some price forecasts for the 2026 halving of Ravencoin?

What Is Ravencoin Halving? How Does It Work?

As a result, the rewards per block will be reduced from 2500 to 1250 RVN coins, marking the second halving for this project. Evaluating things in the most straightforward manner possible would mean fewer coins entering the market, and if the demand for RVN doesn’t change, it could influence a positive price movement.

2026, however, is a long time away. When the next halving occurs, it is impossible to predict the price of RVN or the state of the entire cryptocurrency market. In addition, the initial halving demonstrated that, at least temporarily, reducing mining rewards does not always result in a price increase for the asset.

It all comes down to how much you, as a miner or investor, personally believe in the project, whatever the situation may be. The likelihood is that you won’t be overly concerned if you believe that it will play a role in the overall future of cryptocurrencies or if things like Ravencoin halvings don’t produce the results that you expected them to.

The Significance of Ravencoin Halvings


There’s a good chance that you already know about crypto halvings if you invest in Ravencoin. Additionally, you should probably bookmark the page where our Ravencoin halving countdown tool is located.

All of that is because investors are among the most impacted groups of individuals, halving phenomenon-wise. Since these events are specifically designed to cause changes in the price of the underlying asset (whether directly or indirectly), investors tend to watch the charts closely, even before the halving takes place.

But things aren’t always that easy, as the very first RVN halving has demonstrated. The halving was associated with a consistent downward price trend, which was followed by what appears to be a stabilizing period, as can be seen by a quick glance at the chart that we discussed earlier in the text.

All of that has already been discussed earlier; this is true. However, it’s crucial to emphasize how erratic the cryptocurrency market can be! This in turn makes being an investor much harder work.

The two main types of investors in Ravencoin and cryptocurrencies, in general, are day traders and long-term investors.

All of what I’ve said above is probably extremely applicable to you if you fall into the first category. Day traders try to catch the best prices every single day, since “buying low, selling high” is often their day job.

On the other hand, crypto-halving events are typically not too concerning to long-term investors. Consider this for a moment: the current halving doesn’t really matter all that much if you invested in Ravencoin and don’t intend to touch it for a few years, does it?

In short, while it all depends on perspective, as well as your position if you’re an investor in Ravencoin, halvings are still certainly something that you should be both aware of, as well as keep track of, too.


For the miners of that particular cryptocurrency, coin halvings are always a very intriguing conundrum. The reason why that’s the case is, admittedly, quite self-explanatory.

It makes sense that you would want to reap the greatest rewards if you were to mine, say, Ravencoin. Since Ravencoin is a network resistant to ASICs, this is actually more true of RVN than it is of many other assets out there.

Because of this, the dates of the Ravencoin halving should naturally be some of the worst days for miners because their rewards are effectively cut in half. This, however, is mitigated by two factors – the fact that miners know about it right from the start of their mining ventures, as well as the concept of halvings theoretically boosting the price of the underlying asset.

I use the word theoretically because, as we’ve already discussed, it’s obvious that’s not always the case, at least not immediately.

Similar to investors, there are essentially two types of miners: those who are only interested in the money they would make from mining and those who are also interested in the underlying network, meaning they care about how it runs, take part in its development, etc.

To the first group, Ravencoin halving events are quite scary since they bring along uncertainty and halved mining rewards. Therefore, this particular group of miners is typically not too pleased with the phenomenon.

But the latter group differs slightly from the former. If you’re a miner who supports the mission of the project whose coin you’re mining. In that situation, you would probably view halvings as essential instruments that support the overall project ecosystem’s longevity and market stability. The RVN halving dates are, however, clearly a contentious topic among miners as a whole.

The General Crypto Community

Last but not least, how will the halving of Ravencoin affect the rest of the crypto community, including those who don’t own or mine RVN coins and may not even be aware of the project in general but are still engaged in DeFi, Web 3.0, and other initiatives.?

Truth be told, the initial direct impact isn’t all that great. This is so because Ravencoin is not currently as well-known as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other projects that are closely related to cryptocurrencies.

This in turn implies that even larger events (like the RVN halving) that take place within the project’s scope don’t really have an immediate impact on any particular market movements.

So why is it important for the general crypto community to be aware of Ravencoin halvings? For starters, things add up. If, for example, the halving coincided with some noteworthy positive news regarding the overall cryptocurrency space, this could indicate a positive price movement of other connected or related assets as well.

Additionally, comprehending Ravencoin halvings will give you a better understanding of how halvings operate generally, including BTC halvings and the extremely complex Ethereum Triple Halving. Last but not least, knowing the nuances of Ravencoin is also crucial if you’re looking for a crypto asset to mine!

Overall, even though the first halving of Ravencoin didn’t have a significant impact on the market as a whole, this does not mean that the project (as well as its underlying asset) won’t develop over time; who knows, maybe the next halving will be incredibly noteworthy. Our Ravencoin halving countdown tool above will help you keep track of it!

Summary: A Fork Of Bitcoin

So with that out of the way, let’s quickly recap the key points regarding the halving of Ravencoin. If you’ve read the whole thing up to this point, it will be a great review.

The key takeaways are:

• Ravencoin halving is a process where the RVN mining rewards are halved;
• Every four years or so (roughly), it occurs.), or every 2,100,000 blocks;
• Ravencoin is a fork of Bitcoin, and thus, the halving events of these two cryptocurrencies are similar;
• Ravencoin has only had a single halving on January 11, 2022, where the rewards for mining a block were cut from 5000 RVN to 2500 RVN;
• The purpose of the RVN halving is the same as with most other cryptocurrencies that employ this phenomenon – to bolster the asset’s deflationary features and cause synthetic price inflation.

You should have a good understanding of Ravencoin mining and the essential factors that surround it if you keep the aforementioned points in mind.


What Happens When Ravencoin Halves?

The next one will occur in about four years because blocks are created on average once every minute and are halved approximately every 2.1 million blocks. Ravencoin ultimately decreased in value, despite halvings occasionally driving up the price of a cryptocurrency.

What Does Halving Mean Ravencoin?

The mining rewards for the RVN token are halved as part of the Ravencoin halving process, which occurs roughly every 4 years. That definition seems to be fairly self-explanatory.

Does Ravencoin Have a Future?

In accordance with various Ravencoin predictions by experts, the future price of the RVN can reach $0.13 by 2025, rising 438.9% from the current price. Bullishly, buying Ravencoin cryptocurrency is unquestionably profitable.

How Long Does Raven Coin Halving Take?

Because one block is generated approximately every 1 minute, the halving happens approximately every 4 years. Up until the reward can no longer be halved, Ravencoin will continue to be divided in half every 2,100,000 blocks.

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