Is Daily Digital Club Legit? (Daily Digital Club Review 2023)

Written by Arya Wang

January 28, 2023

is Daily Digital Club Legit? (Daily Digital Club Review 2023)

Even though it calls itself a multi-level marketing company, Daily Digital Club is an online income opportunity that operates on a cash gifting system.

It appears as though Daily Digital Club is a scam. The fact that it lacks any physical goods or resaleable services up to the reputation of the owner renders it already fraudulent.

After reading this article, you’ll be able to decide if Daily Digital Club is the right fit for you.

Let’s get into it!

What is Daily Digital Club?

To entice more people to join, Daily Digital Club poses as an affiliate marketing program while actually operating as a cash gifting pyramid scheme.

In order to be successful with this program, you must invite as many people as you can once you sign up.

Given how expensive the monthly membership is, you could say that you have a strong incentive to bring on as many new members as you can.

The issue is that if you’re new to the online world of making money, you’ll probably struggle to bring traffic (Internet users) to your affiliate offers, which means that you’ll run at a loss of at least $100 per month until you figure everything out.

Even though the training materials inside can be helpful for beginners, completing all of the training alone won’t be sufficient to make money.

Once you join, you must continue paying each month to maintain your membership status and be eligible to receive commission payments.

These types of schemes are nothing new, and most—if not all—of them are short-lived. You should stay away from cash gifting schemes like Instant Cash Solution, CB Money Vine, and Abundance Network.

Is Daily Digital Club Legit Or a Scam?

Our conclusion is that Daily Digital Club is a scam and that the sales page is greatly exaggerated. Their business strategy is seriously dubious.

Stay away from this program if you want to earn money online for the long term. Their dubious methods include convincing people to pay for monthly memberships solely so they can invite others into the system to do the same, earn from them, and so on.

A cash gifting pyramid scheme operates exactly like this, and those are generally prohibited. Once you pay for a membership, you will only have access to those digital products for the sole purpose of claiming that you received something in return for your payment.

Everyone is aware that no one would spend that much money on some subpar training materials covering a variety of topics.

Each and every member of the Daily Digital Club has the goal of earning money online. Recruiting additional participants is the only way to accomplish that.

This show seems to be losing its appeal. There are barely enough people inside to cover the cost of the servers’ resources and maintain the web site’s online presence slowly but surely.

Is Daily Digital Club Legit? (Daily Digital Club Review 2023)

Daily Digital Club a Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

All evidence points to Daily Digital Club being a pyramid scheme.

It is a scam because it is designed to advertise their membership and program.

There are no additional sellable goods, and the only time you will make money is when someone else decides to join.

Given that some MLM businesses don’t sell actual products, this might sound confusing.

The truth is that a legitimate networking business may not sell physical goods, but it will provide members with digital services like mentorship and eBooks that can be sold for profit. They can profit from these products by selling them, in other words.

By referring people, they can gain extra commissions, but they won’t be paid out right away; instead, they won’t receive bonuses until their downline also generates income.

A pyramid scheme, on the other hand, may disguise its real identity by offering “products or services” but if you take a closer look, the only thing that they are selling is its membership.

Avoid participating in this kind of program to prevent not only financial loss but also engaging in fraudulent activity.

The fact that DCC is a pyramid scheme is clear in light of the data we gathered about it.

What I Don’t Like About Daily Digital Club

Too Hyped Up

They make claims that it’s quick and simple to start earning up to $2,500 per week on their sales page.

The truth is that you will most likely end up losing a lot of money instead simply because the strategy works in favor of those who joined very early on, which accumulates for about 10% of the users of this platform. The remaining 90% simply continue to lose money.

It’s a Pyramid Scheme

Every Daily Digital Club member has a single goal in mind when they join. to earn money by hiring others.

To put it another way, everyone inside is paying for the opportunity to have others pay them to join the same platform. It’s just people giving money to each other; no goods or services are being exchanged.

That is what a pyramid scheme is, and the majority of them—if not all—have very short lives.

The Owner is a Known Scammer

It makes sense that he would want to keep his identity a secret, which is why there is nothing on the official Daily Digital Club website about the proprietor. With only a few minor differences, a lot of his earlier scams are strikingly similar to this one.

Final Verdict: It’s a Scam

Finding a job opportunity that also offers training initially seems appealing. The truth, however, is horrifying!

Its only source of income is through recruitment, which is definitely a big no! Their only source of revenue is from recruiting new members, which makes DDC an outright scam since they don’t offer any retail goods or services.

An illegal cash gifting scheme is what Daily Digital Club is really all about!

As this opportunity is not sustainable, there is no benefit to participating. It will probably fail once the recruitment process is over.

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