How To Mine Dash? (Complete Guide For Beginners)

Written by Arya Wang

January 25, 2023

How to Mine Dash

Similar to how Bitcoin is mined, Dash is an alternative cryptocurrency. It employs a Proof of Work (PoW) mechanism for security and uses the X11 hashing algorithm.

Our Quick Guide to Mine Dash

  1. Set up a Dash wallet
  2. Download Mining Software
  3. Join a Mining Pool
  4. Start Mining

Miners make up the first tier of the Dash network’s two-tier structure, while master nodes make up the second. Together, the two tiers enable quick transactions while maintaining Dash’s renowned level of privacy. The specifics of mining Dash and the prerequisites will be covered in this article.

What’s Dash Mining?

We must first talk about the Dash coin before learning what dash mining is and what you need to get started. It’s possible that you won’t want to participate in Dash coin mining because you find the concept of Dash absurd.

What’s Dash?

The words “digital cash” and “altcoin” were combined by the coin’s creators to create the name “Dash.” The goal of this alternative coin is to create a cryptocurrency that can be used to make payments. It is acquired through a process called Dash coin mining.

Cryptocurrencies are constantly promoted as the next evolution in finance. That is untrue because the user interface (UI) is overly complex. The transaction time is excessive. Practical application is challenging.

Dash asserts that it will address these issues.

This cryptocurrency reroutes miner incentives to hasten the system as a whole.

The miner who successfully solves the hash function will typically receive the full reward. The Dash system divides the reward among three recipients. 45% goes to the miner, 45% goes to the 10% goes to the Treasury when there is a masternode.

How to Mine Dash?

Set Up a Dash Wallet

You need a wallet in order to store your mining rewards, just like with any other kind of mining. There are numerous wallets available that can be used to store Dash. The best wallet for mining is the Dash core wallet, but it has one drawback: downloading the entire Dash blockchain will take up a lot of hard drive space.

A hardware wallet like the Trezor or Ledger is a great alternative. Wallets of this kind are the safest kind.

Although you can mine Dash directly into an exchange wallet, we only advise doing so if you intend to exchange it for another currency. Make sure Dash is supported by the exchange.

Download Mining Software

Although most Dash mining software is based on the original seminar, which hasn’t received any updates in years and doesn’t have any downloadable binaries, we will use a variant of ccminer instead. The KlausT version for Nvidia cards is one choice; it has CUDA kernals that are Windows-optimized. The Nicehash sgminer version can be used if you have an AMD graphics card.

ccminer screenshot.

If your antivirus program detects the mining software, you’ll need to add an exception for the folder where the mining software is extracted. Disabling sleep mode and automatic Windows updates is also a good idea to ensure that your mining is uninterrupted.

Join a Mining Pool

You can no longer really solo mine Dash because ASIC rigs control the majority of the network, so you’ll need to join a mining pool. There are only a few miners in this group, and they pool their resources and divide the mining profits. The payouts will be less substantial but more frequent. Here is a fantastic list of Dash pools that includes crucial details like location, costs, minimum payouts, and more.

List of pools.

In order to receive instructions for configuring your miner to connect to the pool, find a pool that is nearby and has a low ping.

To connect to the mining pool, you’ll most likely need to know the server address. You’ll be able to set up the.bat file in the miner to connect to the pool and get your coins once you have that and your wallet address. Right-clicking and selecting “Open with Notepad or another text editor” will allow you to edit the.bat file.

Start Mining

Before you start mining Dash, there are some checks you must finish. To determine how much processing power you can contribute, first check the hash rate of your mining computer. Check the estimated electricity consumption and cost in Kilowatts per hour (kWh). Determine whether mining Dash will be profitable for you using this information.

What Do You Need to Start Mining Dash?

Proof of Work (PoW) mining protects the Dash network. To solve the hash functions specified by the network’s X11 hashing algorithm, miners use specialized computers known as Application Specific Integrated Circuit devices, or ASICs, for short. They use their computing power to validate transactions and protect the network in exchange for DASH tokens.

ASIC miners cost anywhere from $1,000 to over $10,000 depending on factors like:

• The number of hash functions that a miner can solve in a second is known as the hash rate. An effective miner typically performs better as it rises. Since the difficulty of mining is constantly rising, miners with low hash rates can quickly lose their value.
• Consumption of energy: It takes energy to solve intricate hashes. The amount of electricity a miner uses increases with its hash rate. Power consumption is a crucial factor to take into account, particularly if electricity is expensive where you live.

Alternately, Dash can be mined using CPUs and GPUs, but these two methods are no longer profitable due to the development of ASIC miners. They are not advised unless you have free electricity available.

Which Software Do People Use to Mine Dash?

Awesome Miner

For Windows and Linux computers, there is an app called Awesome Miner that manages cryptocurrency mining. It has a centrally located mining dashboard that lets users control numerous mining engines and pools simultaneously. X11, SHA-256, and Scrypt are just a few of the mining algorithms it is compatible with, and it can manage a wide range of mining hardware types.


Windows, Linux, and macOS users can access MultiMiner, another mining management program. It is a simple-to-use app that enables miners to quickly switch their mining rigs (GPUs, CPUs, and ASICs) between various cryptocurrencies, including Dash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, ZCash, and Monero. Out of the box, it supports 17 mining algorithms, including Scrypt, X11, X13, X14, and SHA-256. Users can also add unsupported algorithms, coins, and miners.


Several cryptocurrencies, including Dash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, can be mined on the cloud-mining platform Hashflare. For immediate access to mining, users only need to register. Direct deposits of earnings are made to your wallet address.

基輔, 烏克蘭, 3月, 13, 2018: 比特幣金幣和彌散圖表背景 - dash  個照片及圖片檔

Technical Knowledge Required to Mine Dash

Hash Rate

The number of hashes your mining rig can crack each second is indicated by its hash rate. Your miner will perform better at solving challenging problems and earn more money per hash, so the higher the hash rate, the better.

Mining Profitability

Hash rate, Dash price, and hourly electricity costs are used to determine whether mining Dash is profitable. Dash is a two-tier network, and block rewards are divided between miners and masternodes, so multiply what you receive by two.


a decentralized network that keeps track of each transaction that has been miner-verified since it first started. Imagine it as a magic book that has been published in several thousand copies worldwide. When a new block is discovered, every copy is automatically updated. A transaction that has been entered into the book cannot be changed or removed.

Mining Fees

It costs money to conduct transactions on the blockchain. Most transactions involve a small fee that users pay to miners after the transaction has been approved and added to the blockchain.

Mining Blocks

a group of data containing transactional details. Multiple transactions are recorded in each block. A block is added to the blockchain once all of the transactions within it have been confirmed.

Block Rewards

how much do cryptocurrency miners receive as payment for cracking a block’s equation After every 210,240 blocks, or roughly once per year, the Dash block reward decreases by 7.14% in 2021 will see a 2.88 DASH block reward.


A server that has a complete copy of the Dash blockchain is what a masternode is. Miners’ incorrectly formed blocks can be rejected by masternodes, which guarantee a minimum level of performance. The InstantSend and PrivateSend features of the Dash network are also made possible by them. As long as you can demonstrate that you are the owner of 1,000 DASH tokens, anyone can become a masternode.

Proof of Service

Similar to how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies operate, the mining layer employs a Proof of Work consensus mechanism. Proof of Service (PoS) consensus is a technique employed by the master node layer. It’s a scoring system used to assess whether master node operators are acting honestly when offering their services.

The Cost of Dash Mining

Dash mining does have costs in addition to the time investment, despite the fact that it does not keep you glued to your seat.

You will first need to purchase an ASIC for mining. Hopes and dreams do not power the machine. It needs electricity to work. The Antminer D3 is one of the ASICs that consumes less power, requiring only 930W to operate.

And if that weren’t enough, the system operates continuously at full power, wearing it out and turning the space it’s in into a sauna. It is unrealistic to purchase an ASIC and anticipate using it for several years.

You must therefore maintain your equipment, pump electricity, and keep the machine cool. If your system is so slow that you are unable to earn even one Dash, is the effort really worth it? You can always buy DASH on one of the best exchanges if you decide that mining isn’t the best option for you but you still want to have some of it.


In this post, we go through how to mine dash step by step:

1. Set up a Dash wallet
2. Download Mining Software
3. Join a Mining Pool
4. Start Mining

Hope this guide is useful for you.


Can You Solo Mine Dash?

Yes, but your chances of receiving the block reward will be very slim unless you invest in a powerful mining rig. Like the lottery, your chances of winning increase the more tickets you have.

Can You Mine Dash for Free?

Dash mining software can be used for free. However, the price of the hardware and electricity can be quite high.

Is Dash Mining Still Profitable?

In addition to other variables, it will depend on how much electricity costs in your area. By taking into consideration elements like hash rate, electricity cost, and mining pool fees, you can determine the profitability.

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