What Is CPU Mining? Is CPU Mining Profitable?

Written by Arya Wang

January 26, 2023

Is CPU Mining Profitable?

The importance of CPU mining in the cryptocurrency sector can be attributed to Satoshi Nakamoto’s use of it to mine the Bitcoin genesis blocks.

CPU Mining is the Use of the Regular Central Processing Unit (CPU) of a Computer System to Mine Cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, relied on CPU mining in its early stages to increase circulation and confirm transactions.

Due to the early adoption of Bitcoin and the lack of market competition, CPU mining was feasible. As a result, mining was much more profitable. However, the rise of Bitcoin has forced the use of other, more potent mining techniques as opposed to CPU mining.

To learn more about CPU mining, keep reading.

What is CPU Mining?

CPU mining is the practice of mining cryptocurrencies using a computer system’s standard central processing unit (CPU). The arithmetic and logical unit (ALU), which validates transactions and pays the miner a reward, accomplishes this by solving challenging algorithms. CPU mining uses Proof-of-Work (PoW) to show that a task has been successfully completed. To mine digital coins that are saved using cryptocurrency custody software, standard desktop or laptop computer hardware is employed. It can also be done in a CPU mining setup, where the miner equips themselves with parts like a cooler, processor, motherboard, RAM, and other things to boost productivity. In order to increase productivity, some miners also combine the power of multiple CPUs.

CPU mining is a simple business to launch and a fantastic way to generate passive income. Hash rate, which is measured in hash per second and can range from 8 to 20 kh/s on a great CPU, and power efficiency are two factors that affect this. A CPU miner has two options: they can mine independently or join a pool. Solo mining is more lucrative than working in a group, but group efforts are more potent.

A CPU mining rig is susceptible to botnets and is at risk of damage from unsafe temperatures. Additionally, due to the competitive hash rate, it cannot mine the majority of cryptocurrencies. Bytecoin, Monero, Garlicoin, Electorneum, Dogecoin, grin, and other coins outside of this like Dash, Hatch, and Litecoin are among the cryptocurrencies that can be mined through CPU. These cryptocurrencies were created based on the CryptoNote team’s idea of making mining accessible to everyone regardless of the effectiveness of their computing equipment.

Is CPU Mining Profitable?

Since Satoshi Nakamoto used a CPU to mine the blocks that made up Bitcoin’s foundation, CPU mining has become significant in the crypto industry. The use of CPU in mining has, however, become less effective as the cryptocurrency industry expands and mining becomes more competitive, particularly in mining highly rated coins like bitcoin and Ethereum. It was eventually removed from bitcoin cores as a result.

The profitability of CPU mining typically depends on projects and CPU configuration. So, CPU mining becomes more lucrative the less competitive a cryptocurrency project is. Likewise, a CPU’s mining efficiency increases with its configuration, the higher the better. The inability of CPUs to repeatedly and effectively solve complex equations is the reason why miners have switched to graphics processing units.

What Makes Good CPU Mining?

The CPU is not created with the same qualities and components as other computer parts. There are specific components to look for in finding an ideal one to mine cryptocurrencies, and these include:

• Higher cores
• Multi-threading capabilities
• Low power usage
• Top-notch coolant
• High clocking speed

What Is CPU Mining? Is CPU Mining Profitable?

Profitability of CPU Mining

Due to its infancy and/or low hashrate, Proof-of-Work cryptocurrencies are not particularly demanding on the equipment of miners in terms of computing power.

The cryptocurrency that has been mined is specifically made for CPU mining, preventing more productive mining hardware from taking part in transaction validation.

The miner has access to numerous CPUs or a mining rig made up of CPUs, as well as a source of inexpensive or even free electricity.

In the majority of other situations, CPU mining is no longer profitable for the vast majority of cryptocurrencies.

Tips for Maximizing CPU Mining

• Get a cooling system to maintain your system’s temperature within acceptable ranges.

• Be cautious of fraudulent cryptocurrency mining activities.

• Reduce workload on the CPU to control the heat it generated

• System cleaning is necessary to remove clogged-up dirt brought on by temperature.

Alternatives to CPU Mining

ASIC Mining

Application Specific Integrated Circuit mining is the full name of this practice. They have a specific niche to fill. They can mine any cryptocurrency, excluding those that are ASIC-resistant. The hash rate is measured in terahashes per second, and miners are capable of producing 90–100 th/s.

GPU Mining

It is also known as GPU mining because, unlike CPU, it has more than one ALU and can be used to counter ASIC hardware. They resolve intricate cryptographic equations, which users can do with readily available and reasonably priced hardware, such as laptops. One of the top GPUs for mining is the Nvidia RTX 3080 computer 100mh/s.

Final Thoughts

CPU mining is the process of mining cryptocurrencies using a CPU. The increased rivalry among miners has reduced the efficiency of mining valuable coins, though. Even though some coins were created specifically so CPU miners would have less competition, some ASICs have been developed to mine these coins as well, making them less profitable. It doesn’t follow that CPU mining isn’t at all profitable. It is, but only in terms of recently created coins and long-term gains. Active miners who want to become full-time miners rely on more efficient techniques than the CPU.


Is CPU Mining More Profitable Than GPU Mining?

The CPU’s broad range of abilities benefits from its broad range of responsibilities. But the GPU excels when it comes to the highly parallelized computations needed for mining. You might earn less quickly if you use a CPU because it can’t produce the same amount of raw hash power as a GPU.

Which Coin is Profitable to Mine With CPU?

With coins like Monero, Zcash, and Byte, it is possible to mine cryptocurrency at home using a CPU, but the process will be slow and the cost of electricity may exceed the value of the coins you can mine. Crypto GPU mining is a viable option for those looking to take things more seriously.

How Much CPU Do I Need for Mining?

Your mining experience will be enhanced by a processor’s number of cores. A good place to start is with an 8-core processor because more cores mean your CPU can multitask much more effectively.

Can I Mine Ethereum With CPU?

Ethereum mining used an algorithm called “Ethash”. As part of the Geth process, a CPU miner runs Ethash. Geth comes with all the tools needed to mine on a CPU. However, additional third-party software is necessary in order to mine using GPUs.

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