How to Increase Hash Rate of Your Mining Hardware: Detailed Guide

Written by Lisa

December 13, 2022

How to Increase Hash Rate

This article will demonstrate how to increase the hash rate of your mining equipment to improve mining profitability.

Here is a quick guide on how to increase hashrate:

  • Overclocking
  • Undervolting
  • Mining Software
  • Decrease GPU Heating
  • Upgrade Your GPU
  • Immersion Cooling

Improving overall hash rates requires raising fan speeds and memory clocks while lowering GPU core clocks and power limits. It is possible to modify the card and improve performance and cooling by swapping out the VRAM thermal pads for thicker, better pads. For ASIC miner, overclocking it may be the best way to increase its hash rate.

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How quickly your mining rig can produce coal, gold, or other profitable cryptocurrency minerals is measured by its hashrate. Because it determines how much cryptocurrency you can earn quickly, your hashrate is crucial. Two issues are resolved by raising your hash rate: mining becomes more lucrative, and the power required to mine cryptocurrency is decreased.

Please continue reading for thorough instructions on how to increase your hashrate.

What is Hash Rate? Why Does It Matter?

The hash rate is important for buyers and sellers of cryptocurrency as it determines the value and difficulty of mining Bitcoin.

The rate at which your computer can solve cryptographic puzzles is referred to as its hash rate. It is a measure of how quickly a miner can solve complicated mathematical problems and authenticate transactions in order to create a 64-digit hexadecimal number known as a “hash”. For cryptocurrencies that employ the proof-of-work (PoW) consensus mechanism, it is a crucial component. Your hash rate will increase with the power of your computer.

The software (like Bitcoin Core) and hardware being used, such as central processing units (CPU), graphics processing units (GPU), field programmable gate arrays (FPGA), or application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) miners, can have an impact on your mining rig’s hash rate. Remember to compare the hash rates on a regular basis to see if there has been any increase or decrease that could be brought on by the device’s degradation when calculating your hash rate (an online hash rate calculator will help with this).

In computing, hash rate is typically expressed in terms of hashes per second and is denoted by symbols such as MH/s (mega or million hashes per second), TH/s (tera or trillion hashes per second), PH/s (peta or quadrillion hashes per second), or even EH/s (exa or quintillion hashes per second). The likelihood that a miner will find the next block and receive a Bitcoin reward tends to increase with higher hash rates. So make sure your mining rig has enough horsepower if you want to mine bitcoins!

How to Increase Hash Rate of GPU Miner

There are a few ways to increase the hashrate of graphics cards in a mining rig. Depending on the mining algorithm, every miner has their way of overclocking or undervolting their graphics cards.

In general, overclocking achieves two things: it raises the speed at which a graphics card can render frames and reduces power consumption, making the card more efficient for mining bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with high hash rates. Following are some ways to increase the hashrate of your GPU.

GPU Miner
GPU Miner


Overclocking refers to using a graphics card to mine cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum at the highest clock speed it will ever reach. Overclocked graphics cards may logically have a higher hashrate.

Still, if they get too hot, there could be some efficiency losses, which could lower the hashrate after a few months because overclocking GPUs is not a viable long-term solution. You can accomplish that by using programs like MSI Afterburner.

The stock hash rate of your GPU is increased using overclocking, which causes a graphics card to run faster than it should. With overclocking, you can increase your GPU’s 1211 MHz clock speed to 1800 MHz.

It’s important to keep in mind that increasing the core and memory clocks on your graphics card might help it have a higher hashrate. You can upgrade your graphics card’s memory and processing clocks, or you can buy one already equipped with those features.


Undervoltage is the process of lowering the core voltage of a graphics card applied to the processor, memory, or other components. After overclocking the GPU hashrate, it enables mining rig owners to maintain the mining hashrate while reducing energy consumption and reducing the temperature of the GPU miner.

Use Mining Software

The program that enables a miner to connect to the network and solve cryptographic puzzles is known as mining software. Every 10 minutes, the mining software searches for a new block using a hash algorithm.

Your GPU’s hashrate may be increased by a number of applications. For after-work coin mining, use Alexis78’s sp-MOD and ccMiner. You could expect a 20–30% increase in hashrate using these two tools.

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Decrease GPU Heating

For better performance, you must keep your GPU cool; consider the following suggestions to lessen GPU heating.

  • To make sure they are shut down completely, close all background-running programs and then reopen them after a few minutes. Disable your graphics card’s power-saving features.
  • Suspend your graphics card from the wall or place it in an airtight container to maintain a cool, draft-free environment.
  • Utilize software that tracks the temperature of your graphics cards, like GPU-Z, 3DMark Vantage, or the Unigine Valley benchmarking tool, to spot regions that could use more cooling and change the speed of your fans accordingly. Also, checkout our guide to cool a GPU

Upgrade Your GPU

Your graphics card can be upgraded to improve the graphics performance of your computer. The powerful chips used in graphics cards produce graphics for computers. They come in a variety of forms and dimensions, and each one has a unique set of skills.

It’s crucial to conduct research before making a purchase because there are many different graphics cards available. The amount of video memory on the card, its brand and model number, and its price are a few things to think about.

Immersion Cooling

Immersion Cooling
Source: migodi

Bitcoin miners benefit from an unmatched hash rate increase and total noise, dust, and fire protection from immersion cooling for mining.

A 40%–60% increase in hashrate can be achieved by overclocking and fine-tuning with custom firmware. There is less energy lost when there are no fans or air handling. But immersion cooling does more than just boost hashrate. Additionally, 30% less electricity is used and it is silent. Impressive numbers include a PUE of 1.05, 30% lower electricity bills, the ability to remove the majority of the fans, and the system’s ability to cool both PSUs and miners. In order to increase hash rate by up to 60% through hardware and software optimization, liquid cooling systems enable overclocking and fine-tuning with custom firmware.

Overclock ASIC Miner to Increase Hash Rate

WhatsMiner M32 ASIC Miner
WhatsMiner M32 ASIC Miner

An ASIC Miner can be overclocked in a variety of ways. First, some devices have an ASIC Boost feature that boosts performance. Second, some have a Turbo mode that also speeds up mining (such as the Antminer S17 Pro). To find out if your ASICs have something similar, look at their specifications.

Installing custom firmware, however, is the most common and dependable choice. Please be aware that there isn’t universal firmware; you’ll need to install the exact version that’s appropriate for your particular devices.

Using firmware, you can reach any of the following overclocking scenarios:

  • The hash rate rises while the power usage stays the same.
  • Power usage falls while hashrate stays the same.
  • As hashrate is maximized, power usage rises as well.

Overclocking has many advantages, but it can also lead to some difficulties:

  • A higher temperature is also a result of faster mining. Therefore, you will have to pay even more attention to your equipment and ensure heat dissipation and ventilation — otherwise your ASICs can overheat
  • By overclocking devices as much as possible, you also maximize power consumption, which will increase expenses accordingly
  • To get your ASICs up to the fastest possible speed, you might need to buy new power supplies. Factory power supplies may be not enough for the desired overclocking profile
  • Maximum overclocking can lead to numerous device errors

Why Hash Rates Matter to Miners

Calculating a hash rate can assist individual miners in forecasting their profitability.

There are many different kinds of mining equipment, and new models are always being introduced. As mining requires different amounts of power, memory, and processing bandwidth, different cryptocurrencies are mined using different machines, and they don’t all have the same hash rate.

A hash rate calculator can be used by individual miners to figure out their own hash rate. The hash rate calculator allows users to estimate their earnings by entering data regarding their mining setup, power and electricity usage, mining costs, and other pertinent information.

The network hash rate may rise as a result of upgrades to mining equipment with more potent machines. A more robust network, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that bitcoins are mined more quickly, as the network is designed to release a specific amount at a time.

Conclusion: Up to 60% Hash Rate Improvement

Finally, we’ve talked about a few tried-and-true ways to increase a mining machine’s hashrate here. These are main ways to increase your hashrate:

  • Overclocking
  • Undervolting
  • Mining Software
  • Decrease GPU Heating
  • Upgrade Your GPU
  • Immersion Cooling

Just a 10 to 60% improvement in performance would result from using these techniques, keep in mind. It is better to spend money on a better mining rig if you want to mine at a higher hashrate.


What Determines Hashrate?

Computational power, mining profitability, and network difficulty are the three main factors that influence the price of bitcoin. The hash rate follows the price because miners are paid in Bitcoin while paying expenses in local money. Nevertheless, the value of the Bitcoin network rises with the increased use of computing power.

What GPU Has the Highest Hashrate?

The RTX 3090 is the RTX 30 series GPU from NVIDIA that is currently the most potent. It contains all of the components required to build a potent mining rig. I’m talking about more than 10,000 CUDA cores, a hashrate of 121 MH/s, and 24 GB of GDDR6X VRAM for gaming.

What Asic Miner Has the Highest Hashrate

The Antminer S19 Pro is currently the best ASIC Bitcoin miner hardware with which to mine Bitcoin and other SHA-256 cryptocurrencies. This is given the highest hash rate, efficiency, and power consumption.

Does Overclocking Increase Hashrate?

Overclocking = More Hashrate, Less Efficiency (Max W/TH)
Simply put, overclocking refers to mining rigs that use more energy, hash at higher rates, and generate more reliable proofs of work than they would under stock conditions.

Does WIFI Affect Hashrate?

The hash rate reflects how quickly your miner can look for a nonce that meets the requirements for the proof of work. The speed at which it performs this task is not related to network bandwidth. Per hash, it doesn’t carry out any network operations.

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