How Much Can You Make Mining Bitcoin With One Computer? 

Written by Arya Wang

January 7, 2023

How Much Can You Make Mining Bitcoin With One Computer? 

The rise in popularity of cryptocurrency mining has sparked a variety of discussions, from its impact on the current global chip shortage to possible environmental effects. There is no denying, however, that mining can be profitable, and this is only increased by doing it on a large scale.

there is no set amount bitcoin miners earn. It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth the investment to have more BTC in your crypto wallet.

In this article, we’ll talk about how much you can make mining bitcoin with one computer and determine whether it’s still profitable.

What is Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin mining is an entirely digital process that needs specialized hardware. Put simply, “mining” refers to the process of validating transactions and adding them to a public ledger called the blockchain. Adding a new block of transactions to the blockchain rewards a miner with 6.25 BTC. Along with bitcoin’s value, that sum’s dollar value changes.

How Does Bitcoin Mining Work?

Once you comprehend the mining process, bitcoin mining is actually quite simple. An intricate 64-digit number called a hash is what miners are essentially trying to guess. That’s why it’s sometimes referred to as “hash mining.”

Miners use powerful computers to generate guesses as quickly as possible in order to determine the hash. Consider this: there are 16 possible combinations for each digit in the hash (numbers 1 through 10 plus letters A through F). This means that 64 rolls of a 16-sided die could be used to generate a guess. That would only allow you to make one guess; however, there are countless numbers of potential solutions.

A bitcoin mining computer can help with that. The computers used by miners essentially roll that die at super-speed using a ton of computing power and a ton of energy. The winner is the miner who adds a block to the blockchain first and finds the right hash first.

A large number of bitcoin miners opt to join mining pools, which are collections of people who pool their computing resources and divide the reward. When you join a pool, your chances of adding a block increase without the need to buy more bitcoin mining equipment, but the payout you receive decreases as a result.

How Much Can You Make Mining Bitcoin With One Computer?

Every 210,000 blocks, or roughly every four years, the block rewards are cut in half. Accordingly, the current reward of 6.25 BTC will be halved to 3.125 BTC by 2024.

That reward’s monetary value may range widely. Like all cryptocurrencies, bitcoin has a volatile market. Its value fluctuates sharply in brief intervals. Because of this unpredictability, many investors are concerned about the security of bitcoin.

However, 6.25 BTC is still a substantial sum of money. A bitcoin was worth $20,000 in September 2022, making the block reward worth $125,000. And that’s actually quite low; some investors believe that bitcoin will experience another sharp increase in the near future, but this is far from a given the current state of the cryptocurrency market.

How Much Can You Make Mining Bitcoin With One Computer? 

Pros of Mining Bitcoin

The Potential Earnings

Although they are not guaranteed, your potential earnings from bitcoin mining are something to think about. In terms of dollars per terahash, or TH, per second, bitcoin is profitable. That refers to the revenue produced by a mining computer that generates a trillion hashes per second. A bitcoin mining calculator can be used to check the profitability of bitcoin mining right now.

Bitcoin mining produced $3.39/TH per second at its highest point in 2017. It was closer to $0.104/TH per second by the end of the autumn in 2022.

That is a convoluted way of saying that bitcoin miners today don’t make as much money as they once did. Many miners, however, believe that profitability will eventually turn around. Starting now could result in increased potential earnings in the future.

Furthermore, mining bitcoin differs from using a pickaxe to extract gold all day. There isn’t much active work required once your bitcoin mining equipment is running. As long as their hardware is operational, successful miners can earn money passively.

The Mining Rewards

It’s crucial to keep in mind that bitcoin, not dollars, are used to pay mining rewards. Thus, the reward in BTC remains the same even when bitcoin’s dollar value is at its lowest.

When bitcoin’s value will increase once more is uncertain. Without actually purchasing bitcoin, mining enables you to accumulate it in your digital wallet. Keeping those rewards could result in a sizable payout later on.

Cons of Mining Bitcoin

The Upfront Mining Equipment and Electricity Costs

Cost is by far bitcoin mining’s biggest disadvantage. There is no getting around the cost associated with starting a mining operation.

Miners could use regular computers in the early days of bitcoin, but as more users connected to the network, mining became more challenging. In order to have a chance at receiving the block reward today, you need a specialized computer (known as a mining rig). Even individuals who are a part of a mining pool require the proper mining equipment.

The price of electricity must be taken into account in addition to the hardware investment. Fans are necessary to prevent overheating on mining rigs, which consume a lot of energy. If you want to start mining, you should plan on paying a sizable monthly power bill.

Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Bitcoin’s high energy consumption and unfavorable environmental effects should also be taken into account. The estimated annual energy consumption of the Bitcoin network, as of November 2022, is 98.68 TWh, despite the fact that it varies greatly from year to year. This represents a higher energy consumption than the Philippines, a nation of over 108 million people.

The estimated annual greenhouse gas emissions of Bitcoin, however, are comparable to those of Chile, which has 18.4 million people.

Proponents and critics of cryptocurrency disagree on the question of whether these operations can switch to using renewable energy sources. However, there is no denying the current ecological impact.

It’s Risky

Like all digital currencies, bitcoin carries some risk. When the market will crash cannot be predicted. Bitcoin’s value could plunge so drastically that mining revenue would be all but nonexistent.

Naturally, that volatility is reciprocal. Bitcoin could spike and increase the value of mining in an instant, just as it could crash and lose all of its value.

How Much Can You Make Mining Bitcoin With One Computer? 

In the US, mining bitcoin is permitted. Because it poses a threat to national currencies, some nations, including Egypt, China, and Qatar, have banned blockchain mining.

While mining is permitted throughout the U.S. state, some regions have zoning restrictions and environmental regulations that make it tricky to establish a bitcoin mining farm. Unless you intend to mine extensively, you probably won’t be impacted by these limitations. Just make sure you are aware of the laws in your area before you begin.

Is Bitcoin Mining Right for You?

The process of mining bitcoins has changed. It’s dangerous, uses a lot of energy, and calls for strong, specialized equipment. Despite all of that, a lot of people are still drawn to the mining industry’s appeal as a potential investment.

Profiting from bitcoin mining is entirely feasible. Your ability to invest and a little bit of luck will determine whether it is profitable for you. The blockchain will continue to be built by miners for many years to come. Thus, if you believe that mining bitcoins is for you, then get started right away.

Summary: No Set Amount

The bottom line is that bitcoin miners do not receive a fixed amount. Mining is expensive, and the outcomes are unpredictable. You must determine whether adding more BTC to your crypto wallet is worthwhile.


How Much Bitcoin Can You Mine in a Day With One Computer?

How many Bitcoins can one person mine in a day is a common question. Each block currently produces 6.25 bitcoins, and a block is created every 10 minutes. Accordingly, there are 900 bitcoins produced each day, or 6.25 bitcoins per block, multiplied by 6 blocks per hour, 24 hours per day, and 6 hours per block.

How Much Does Mining Crypto Make on One Computer?

With a typical PC, this could produce anywhere between $0.0001 and $1 USD per day on the high end. If you’re a gamer with a powerful GPU-powered PC, you could earn $1 to $10 or even more every day.

Is Mining on PC Profitable?

The quick answer is yes, bitcoin mining can be profitable if you make the right equipment investments and join a bitcoin mining pool. Despite this, a large profit isn’t a given because there are numerous unknowns. Not everybody is suited for mining.

How Much Can 1 GPU Make Mining?

At an electricity cost of 0.1 $/kWh, the top GPUs can each earn up to $7.75 from mining cryptocurrencies. The profits are greatly increased when multiple GPUs are combined in a rig.

How Much Does It Cost to Run a PC Mining?

Prices typically range between $80-$140 per kW per month. This covers the available room, electricity, internet, cooling, and security. You should find out what it costs per kW per month. You should then figure out your overall power demand.

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