Bitcoin: How Much Does A Miner Make A Day? 

Written by Arya Wang

February 3, 2023

Bitcoin How Much Does A Miner Make A Day 

One of the lucrative hobbies for early adopters of cryptocurrencies was bitcoin mining.

Every 10 minutes, there was an opportunity for miners to earn 50 Bitcoins. The only thing miners required is a bedroom.

We’ll address all of your inquiries about the daily pay for bitcoin miners in 2023 in this blog post.

How Many Bitcoins Will I Mine in a Day?

In order to calculate how many bitcoin mining machines are needed in order to mine 1 Bitcoin per day in a year or two from now, we’re going to use the following formula: Daily Profit = (0.25 x Price of BTC — Cost of Equipment) / Days until 1 BTC is mined (0.25 means 25%)

Daily Profit = ($11,350 — $8,000) / 365 days (1 year) = ($2,250 / Year)

Daily Profit = ($2,250/Year)/365 Days/Year = $727.5/Day. If a mining rig costs around $8,000, it will cost you about $8k to mine 1 Bitcoin over the course of a year. In a few years, mining will still be extremely profitable. In fact, we think it’ll be even more profitable than it is now. However, it all depends on how much you’ll be able to mine each day. If you invest in a high-quality GPU and ASIC miner rig today, then you should be capable of breaking even within a year. That is if Bitcoin’s value doesn’t keep rising by more than 20% per year.

Now let’s calculate how many Bitcoins 1MH/s are worth.

1 MH/s is equal to 1000 KH/s, 1,000,000 H/s, 1000 GH/s, 1 TH/s (terahash per second), or 1 PH/S (petahash per second). These can also be called MHashes or KHashes. 1 A MH equals 1,000 Mhash per second.

1 MHash (1 million hash) can be calculated as follows:

1 000 000 x 10⁹ = 1,000,000 TH/s or 1 GH/s equals 1000 PH/s (petahashes per second). For instance, if you paid $8K for a mining rig with 1000 KH/s, you would earn $8K per month. As a result, the rig will be profitable in less than six months. Although the likelihood of having such a high hash rate is extremely slim given the high cost of owning such equipment. The average hash rate for the average miner is approximately 100kh/s.

Bitcoin: How Much Does A Miner Make A Day? 

How Much Bitcoins 1 MH/s Worth Today?

You can use this formula to determine how quickly and how many Bitcoins one machine can mine.

For instance, if a single machine can mine 1 Bitcoin in a year, then BTC per Year = $11,350 / [Speed of the Machine] x 365 days = BTC per Month x (Speed of the Machine) / 30 days = BTC per Daily Equivalent The result, in this case, would be $2,250 / [1 GH/s x 365 days] = $727.5 per day.

This machine would operate at a speed of 1 GH per day. We can determine how much money you would make each day thanks to this. With this kind of rig, mining Bitcoin alone would bring in $727.50 per day or $30,885.5 per month.

How Many Bitcoins Can Be Mined in a Year?

The final step is to convert the price of Bitcoin into other currencies. The value of Bitcoin in one year and in various years will be determined using USD.

Using the same calculator from before, we can calculate different scenarios. For instance, if a single machine can mine 1 Bitcoin in a month, then BTC per Day is equal to $11,350 divided by the machine’s speed times 30 days, which equals BTC per Month divided by the machine’s speed times 365 days, which equals BTC per Daily Equivalent. In this instance, the outcome would be $569.6 per day divided by $2,650 by [1 GH/s x 30 days].

One GH would be produced daily by this machine. Because of this, we are able to determine how much money you would make every day from it. You’d get $569.6 per day or $17,954 a month from mining Bitcoin alone using this kind of rig.

Using this same calculator again, we can see how much Bitcoins will be worth in the future. As an illustration, if a single machine can mine 1 Bitcoin in a year, then BTC per Year = $11,350 / [Speed of the Machine] x 365 days = BTC per Month x (Speed of the Machine) / 30 days = BTC per Daily Equivalent In this instance, the outcome would be $3475 / [1 GH/s x 365 days] = $1342.50 daily.

This device would operate at 1 GH per day. This enables us to determine how much money you would earn from it each day. By mining Bitcoin alone with this rig, you could earn $1342.5 per day or $47,136 per month.

Basic Information to Know before Bitcoin Mining

Mining Reward

All proof-of-work blockchains are built on mining.

The return on investment for miners in 2022 is 6.25 bitcoins. The platform will compensate them with 3.125 bitcoins in 2024, though.

The miner who solves the puzzle initially receives the reward.

For each machine in the network, the mining process requires an average of 10 minutes. The puzzle adjusts every 2016 block.


The mining hardware is specialized for computers created only for the purpose of mining.

Profitability will increase if your hardware is robust. It will be more challenging to earn a reward if there are more miners searching for bitcoin.

The people or organizations with the most computing power (hashrate) will mine more bitcoin transactions.

More computing power means more options.

Bitcoin: How Much Does A Miner Make A Day? 

Efficient Hardware

As we previously discussed, mining requires a robust piece of machinery.

An effective machine would be a Whatsminer M20S. The cost of the equipment varies, and the amount of computing power used to mine Bitcoin increases.

Cheap Electricity

The cost of electricity varies depending on the nation and state you reside in.

If the price of electricity in China is $0.045 per kWh, running a Whatsminer M20S for a month will cost about $110.

The average home electricity cost in the USA is $0.12 per kWh.

Selling Fees

The cost of bitcoin is declining. The turbulence surrounding cryptocurrencies is getting worse. For crypto investors, the future is uncertain.

When deciding whether to sell the accumulated Bitcoin, it is essential to consider the mining profitability.

If you are a small-time miner, you may have to sell your coins on a retail exchange like Kraken or Binance.


And for now, that is all we need to know about bitcoin mining. Future profitability will be higher than ever, and things are looking very promising for miners with the price of Bitcoin rising at an increasing rate. Only a significant network flaw or bug could potentially bring down this market, but only time will tell.

Sharing this guide with your friends is highly recommended, especially if they plan to start a business using bitcoin. We will try our best to respond to any questions you may have about Bitcoin mining as soon as you leave them in the comment section below. Good Luck!


Do Bitcoin Miners Make a Lot of Money?

Despite the high level of processing power needed to mine one Bitcoin, miners are rewarded with 6.25 BTC, or about $143,000, for each block of transactions they successfully complete.

Can I Invest $100 in Bitcoin Mining?

If you’re looking into cryptocurrency for the first time, you may be wondering, “can I first invest $100 in bitcoin.” The answer is unquestionable yes.

How Long Does It Cost to Mine 1 Bitcoin?

Electricity prices for each bitcoin are calculated as follows: Time needed to mine one bitcoin * Energy used * Price = 5.22 years * 365 days * 24 hours * 3,400 * $0.05 / 1,000 = $7,778.

Can I Solo Mine Bitcoin?

Solo mining, as its name suggests, is the independent conduct and execution of the mining process by a single miner. These lone miners are completely independent of any outside parties. Instead, they link their mining computers to native crypto wallet clients and discover blocks.

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