Ethereum Classic Solo Mining: Can You Solo Mine ETC? Requirements & Profitability

Written by Lisa

December 14, 2022

Ethereum Solo Mining

Look into the definition of Ethereum Classic solo mining, how it works, can you solo mine it, is it profitable to decide on your Ethereum Classic Mining plan.

Ethereum Classic Solo mining implies that a single Ethereum Classic miner conducts and independently completes the mining process, as you can probably guess from the name. None of these lone miners’ dependencies on outside parties exist. Instead, they link their mining computers to native Ethereum Classic wallet clients and discover blocks.

We can also observe the variety of modern mining techniques employed by participants. Mining options include solitary, collective/pool, and cloud mining.

It is true that solo miners have encountered problems with playability. This is a result of the growing competition within the community to provide the best hash-solving power. Ethereum Classic solo miners struggle to keep up with and prosper in the face of this intense competition. Nevertheless, a sizable number of people still favor solo mining. Pool mining is also being done by the majority of mid-sized and low-capital holders.

It takes a significant amount of money and resources to maintain and run a mining farm, after all. However, some lone Ethereum Classic miners are successfully operating their equipment. Therefore, we can conclude that a variety of factors influence solo mining success.

What is Ethereum Classic Solo Mining?


Ethereum Classic Solo mining implies that a single Ethereum Classic miner conducts and independently completes the mining process, as you can probably guess from the name. None of these lone miners’ dependencies on outside parties exist. Instead, they link their mining computers to native Ethereum wallet clients and discover blocks.

Solo miners will receive a remarkable incentive if they successfully complete the network mining process. Furthermore, both the hardware hash power and the network’s overall hash rate play a significant role in Ethereum Classic solo mining. Solo miners were making a profit, though, when hash rate complexity was lower.

Hardware power and network difficulty are the two main determinants of solo Ethereum Classic mining profitability. The problem with Ethereum Classic solo mining is that it can take months or even years to solve a block’s complex data problems.

Since Ethereum Classic is a very well-known cryptocurrency network, miners on that network must compete against thousands of other miners in order to be the first to validate a new block. As a result, before starting an Ethereum Classic mining operation, any prospective miner must first evaluate the mining costs and their chances of successfully validating new blocks. Their potential profitability over the long and medium terms can be revealed through this kind of planning.

Despite the difficulty of finding blocks when mining Ethereum Classic solo, this method can provide users with higher long-term returns than pool mining. Solo miners must remain patient because the process will be influenced by a number of variables. The majority of users are drawn to pool mining to mine bitcoin or other altcoins, but sometimes it takes longer to find a block.

Advantages of Solo Mining:

  • Being the sole owner of substantial rewards is one of the biggest and most alluring benefits of Ethereum Classic solo mining. With pool mining, this is just not feasible. The entire profit will only belong to a solo miner if his equipment discovers the value of a new block earlier than others.
  • The likelihood of encountering outages interfering with solo mining is very low. Additionally, this might lead to increased uptime.
  • The potential for a higher long-term yield is greater when mining Ethereum Classic alone. Particularly when we contrast it to pool mining. Furthermore, as solo mining eliminates the need to pay a pool fee or transaction fee, rewards increase over time.
  • Solo miners are not affected by pool timeouts in any way. Solo miners can therefore set up a backup pool.

Disadvantages of Solo Mining

  • The requirement for a sizable sum of money to start and run Ethereum Classic solo mining.
  • You run the risk of losing your reward money all at once if another miner or miners with faster computers decide to take part in solving the block you are currently investing your resources in.
  • the potential for never achieving the same level of processing power as a mining operation.
  • The income generation when mining alone is frequently more unpredictable.
  • Due to the fact that solo mining only supports network pull, miners often waste valuable time.

Can You Mine Ethereum Classic Solo?

You can mine Ethereum Classic in exactly three different ways. While it’s important to diversify your investments, if you’re a home miner trying to mine cryptocurrency for the first time, I wouldn’t suggest using more than one method. You might attempt to use the other two methods simultaneously if you have the necessary experience and financial management skills.

Solo mining requires a lot of patience without any assurance of success, even though pool mining involves risk.

However, your preference and financial situation will determine what you choose. Go solo if you have millions to invest; otherwise, joining a pool would be preferable.

Additionally, all of the well-known cryptocurrencies’ hash complexity is growing quickly. In fact, ETC and BTC have grown 30 and 4 times more difficult to solve in the past year. Dash now has hash codes that are 150 times more complex.

The majority of miners were aware that mining alone would be nearly impossible even at the beginning of the mining industry. As a result, we can see that the majority of them are pool mining, combining their equipment capacities. Together, they’ve been receiving more consistent and equitable compensation.

The more miners in a pool, though, the lower the rewards you’ll get; as a pool miner, you will never be able to receive the full reward price.

Requirement and Profitability of Solo Mining

The hash rate complexity is increasing to an unbelievable level as a result of the involvement of a large number of participants. And it is almost impossible to find such a unit on your own. In fact, let’s examine how much money a lone miner would need to start mining on the Ethereum Classic network, which has a high hash rate of 1 pth per second. Miners will need to keep their farms at a capacity of about $200k to achieve this. Additionally, keep in mind that this expense excludes supply and electricity costs.

With a 95% chance, you will therefore need to work consistently for about 200 days. Following that, you can discover a block value and receive 12.5 Ethereum Classic as payment. Because of how large this sum actually is, it is profitable for you.

Furthermore, this network will become more complex over the next few days. As a result, it will be necessary to have almost 100 times more capacity in order to continue discovering new blocks every day. A capital outlay of millions of dollars will be required for the entire process.

ETC Solo Mining Vs. Pool Mining

ETH Solo Mining Vs. Pool Mining

The profitability of your solo mining operation will solely depend on the performance of your specific ETC mining rig. The rewards and transaction fees you earn in this situation are entirely yours to keep.

The majority of miners eventually discover that it is unprofitable for them to operate a single Ethereum mining operation, however, given the growing number of Ethereum Classic miners competing for a finite number of rewards and the network’s hash rate. Large companies or wealthy individuals who have the financial means to set up and run extensive mining farms are frequently considered solo miners.

ETC Solo Mining Closing Thoughts: High Risk & High Profit

For well-known cryptocurrencies like Ethereum Classic, solo mining is not recommended.

If they have enough money, users can mine independently or choose less popular, simpler coins. You can more quickly and easily locate the block in this way. We must remember, though, that investing in cryptocurrencies with values in the hundreds of thousands or more will not result in quick gains.

Even if you begin mining Ethereum Classic alone, you can always join significant mining pools whenever you want for consistent coin movements. You can make an impactful contribution and receive just rewards there. A significant financial investment is required if you want to become a successful pool miner.

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