When Will Ethereum Mining Stop? (Answered)

Written by Arya Wang

January 16, 2023

When Will Ethereum Mining Stop? (Answered)

Ethereum has switched to a proof-of-stake system, so mining ether is no longer required. As a result, miners will have fewer options and outdated mining equipment.

If the Ethereum hashrate fluctuates significantly, some minor adjustments might be visible. This is not something we anticipate that Ethereum mining will stop in the nearest two weeks.

To learn more about Ethereum mining and to find out when it will stop, keep reading.

What is Ethereum Mining?

The blockchain used proof-of-work, the same consensus protocol as Bitcoin, to validate and record transactions prior to Ethereum’s Merge on September 15, 2022. But you could use the graphics processing unit (GPU) of gaming computers to mine ETH, unlike Bitcoin, which only employs application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) miners. Since GPUs are more widely available and usable than ASICs, it was therefore generally simpler to mine ETH than Bitcoin.

There were two main ways to mine ETH – pool mining or solo mining:

Pool Mining (Working Together)

• Work with others to mine and share rewards
• Get paid per share, on an hourly or daily basis
• Less random/dependent on luck
• Pools take some fees (0.5-8% depending on the pool)

Solo Mining

• You mine the entire block reward (differs based on mining difficulty changes) – no pool fees
• Random chance and probability – you can go days or months without rewards
• Not viable if hashrate is low – a single GPU might take years to mine a block

The majority of miners preferred Ethereum mining pools because solo mining required a very long time to earn rewards. However, this project received criticism for its negative effects on the environment and excessive use of electricity. As miners from all over the world pool their resources and power to mine ETH, it is a very energy-intensive process. But everything has changed since the Merge arrived on September 15, 2022.

When Will Ethereum Mining Stop?

The POW to POS switch condition has been specified by Ethereum developers. They work with the Ethereum network’s Total Terminal Difficulty (TTD) parameter. It is difficult to calculate TTD. In layman’s terms, it can be described as a counter (or variable) that increases with each block discovered in the Ethereum network.

A transition to the POS date may be affected by what factors? To a higher TTD, the Merge could indeed be delayed by Ethereum developers. However, it is a highly improbable occurrence.

How Does the Merge Affect Ethereum Mining?

On 15th September 2022, Ethereum switched its consensus protocol to proof-of-stake as part of an update known as the “Merge” that links Ethereum Mainnet and Beacon Chain. Users can stake ETH on the Beacon Chain, which has been operational since the end of 2020. In order to support the transition and to receive rewards for their stake, many people have staked their ETH. Here’s the kicker, after the Merge begins, mining difficulty will soar due to the “difficulty bomb”. To encourage the switch to an environmentally friendly proof-of-stake model, it acts as a sort of self-destruct mechanism that makes proof-of-work calculations nearly impossible.

When Will Ethereum Mining Stop? (Answered)

What Will Happen to Ethereum Mining Pools and Miners?

Good for Ethereum Mining Pools

The switch has no effect at all on mining pools. The sunk cost of the subsequently obsolete mining rigs has no bearing on these organizations because they have never actually generated computing power. Instead, these resource-pooling businesses have the infrastructure and human resources needed to coordinate resource pooling, find new clients, and generally manage and maintain the operation and its security.

Leading Ethereum mining pools, such as Ethermine or f2pool, can thus easily convert to staking pools. They are not dependent on the mining process itself. Simply put, it has nothing to do with the product. The transition from mining to staking will have no impact on these businesses’ fee structures, which they use to charge people for joining their pools. They only need to communicate with the client teams, business development, and customer service teams.

Bad for Individual Ethereum Miners

But for the miners who make up these pools and other independent Ethereum miners, the transition might be their last. People who have benefited from mining ETH may be left behind, whether they were in charge of large mining farms or gave moderate amounts of GPU power to mining pools. They have spent a lot of money on high-end GPUs or specialized mining equipment that is useless for staking. Some who hoped to make money from mining will never even be able to recover their initial investment.

Even though a home PC with a reliable internet connection is all that is needed for proof-of-stake validation, the minimum contribution is 32 ETH, which is a lot more money than the average person has in their savings. In essence, individual miners would have to set up and run their own staking pools, which would be a lot more work than maintaining their own mining rigs, in order to fully make up for lost mining revenues through staking.

Potential Solutions for Ethereum Miners

For ETH miners, there is really no good option. Since gaming computers are still in demand, they can still make money by selling their GPUs, but it is safe to say that there is no longer any market demand for ASICs. They could use them to mine other digital currencies like Ethereum Classic, Ravencoin, or Ergo that are compatible with their processors, but these are also much less popular than Ethereum. The profit margins are significantly lower.

The inclusion of current miners is encouraged by some staking pools, though. According to Bitfly, EtherMine’s parent company, their goal is to “onboard current miners from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake.” Additionally, they pointed out that existing miners have contributed the majority of deposits to EtherMine’s new staking platform. The question of how Ethereum miners will ever again come close to earning the money produced by mining ETH remains unanswered, however, regardless of the circumstances.

The Bottom Line

Due to the lengthy time, it took to earn rewards from solo mining, the majority of miners used Ethereum mining pools. This project, however, received criticism for its effects on the environment and its use of electricity. Mining ETH requires a significant amount of energy because miners from all over the world combine their resources and power to do so. However, everything has changed since the Merge arrived on September 15, 2022.


Will Ethereum mining end?

The need to mine Ether is no longer necessary because Ethereum has switched to a proof-of-stake model. As a result, mining equipment will become outdated, giving miners fewer options.

Can you still mine Ethereum in 2022?

It’s no longer possible to mine Ethereum because the Ethereum blockchain recently underwent a significant change that altered how Ethereum is generated and verified.

Will ETH be around 2030?

The most recent Ethereum price prediction predicts that ETH will cost $2,280 by the end of 2022, $4,679 by the end of 2023, and $7,450 by the end of 2025. After that, the price of Ethereum will increase to $8,650 in 2027 and $9,567 in 2030.

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