Minex.world review (2023 Update)

Written by Arya Wang

January 30, 2023

Minex.world review (2023 Update)

According to Minex.world, a cloud mining platform, users can earn free cryptocurrency using the platform’s cloud mining power.

Minex.world is a cloud mining platform that guarantees an absurdly high return on all investments made there. lt also offers a referral program that offers you more mining power when you invite new members.

To find out for sure whether Minex.world is a scam or not, read our review of the platform below before making any attempt to begin investing or mining for free on it.

What is Minex.world?

A certain percentage of the money you invest on Minex.world will be returned to you.

According to its website, the company’s mission is to help people achieve success, wealth, and happiness. They accomplish this by assisting you in profiting significantly from cloud mining with only a small/minimal investment.

How Does Minex.world Work?

With the aid of Minex.world, you can profit from cloud mining. After registering, you immediately receive 3000Gh/s for your account.

You can increase your profits by using bonuses, referral links, and banners. You can also collect bonuses at a rate of 10 to 70 Gh/s every 60 minutes.

A 50Gh/s bonus and 14% of replenishment are also available for each referral.

You can choose from any of the Minex.world tariff plans and, after a certain amount of time, earn a specific percentage.

Minex.world Referral Program

At the moment, Minex.world only has one page. so we have limited knowledge of how most of their programs work, including the referrals program advertised on the official website.

The referral program’s only currently known benefit is that you receive 50 Gh/s for each referral along with 14% of replenishment.

Gh/s, if you’re interested, stands for one billion hashes per second. Additionally, there was a 14% replenishment. who cares about that.

To avoid using lengthy and complicated mining terminologies, most people use a cloud mining platform. Why didn’t you just let users purchase a mining server PC when you wanted them to understand what one quintillion hashes per second meant?

Minex.world Tariff Plans

Yes, Mining.world uses tariff plans, and the tariff plan you selected determines how much money you will make.

We’ll have to put up with Mining.world since they were too lazy to update their website with useful details about their tariff plans.

The eight different tariff plans that are available on Minex World are all listed below.

1. Free Plan
2. Three of a kind
3. Straight
4. Flush
5. Full house
6. Four of a kind
7. Straight Flush
8. Royal flush

Minex.world review (2023 Update)

Minex.world Registration/Sign Up

If you want to register on Minex.world, you will have to follow the below instructions:

1. Visit the official website https://minex.world
2. Click on GET STARTED
3. Input the required details like your email address and password
4. Click on REGISTER

Is Minex.world Legit Or a Scam?

We labeled Minex.world as a total scam after conducting extensive research and investigations with platform reviewers.

Minex.world is without a doubt a scam, and there have been numerous reports from users who have withdrawn money but have not received payment, in accordance with our analysis.

Your account’s mining progress is visible on Minex.world, but this is all false information. Once you make the minimum withdrawal, they block your access, and you won’t ever be able to make changes to or access your account again.

If you do manage to withdraw, it won’t be credited to the external wallet you specified.

The company’s lack of information on its website and failure to identify the platform’s owner or location raises suspicion.

Every withdrawal record that is shown on the platform is nothing but fake data because it is a piece of code that is being created at the front end of the website. There are no pictures or videos of mining data centers and no unrealistic plans have been introduced.

In comparison to the template-based websites that are common with HYIP websites, their website is at best basic and devoid of any cutting-edge features.

In addition to many other things, they haven’t given their address or registration number. The fact that they are cloud mining service providers cannot be established based on the lack of images and videos of their mining data centers.

Final Verdict

Bulliscoming flagged the Minex.world platform as a scam because we thoroughly investigated it. As a result, we decided to publish our review warning you not to invest any money on this platform and not even to sign up for the free plan because doing so would be a waste of time for you.

We advise against making an investment in any of their plans.


Who is the Owner of Minex.world?

It is not yet known who owns Minex.world.

Is Minex.world Legit?

Minex.world has been around for a while, which is unquestionably a positive sign. According to the reviews I have read from registered users, this platform makes a lot of promises and keeps them.

It remains to be seen whether things will go on this way. All I can suggest is that you perform your due diligence prior to creating an account on any platform.

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