Loud North Carolina Crypto Miner Forces Residents to Relocate (Report)

Written by Arya Wang

January 30, 2023

Loud North Carolina Crypto Miner Forces Residents to Relocate (Report)

Residents of Murphy, North Carolina, complained that a cryptocurrency miner located in the area causes “insane” noise and negatively impacts the electric grid.

People have thus made the decision to relocate outside of the town.

‘It Sounds Like You Are Behind a Jet’

For some of the 1,600 residents of Murphy, North Carolina, the crypto miner set up by the San Francisco-based business PrimeBlock appears to be a major issue. Mike Lugiewicz, a resident, recently stated in an interview that he will move due to the facility’s intolerable noise.

“Its noise level this morning is around 85 decibels. It sounds and feels like you’re behind a jet sitting on the tarmac, and that jet never leaves, or imagine being inside of Niagara Falls and not being able to get rid of the noise ever like your house is dead center of Niagara Falls,” he said.

In addition, the miner has harmed the domestic power grid. When temperatures dropped to three degrees Celsius over the Christmas holidays, according to Lugiewicz, the community was left without electricity. Despite the blackout across the town, the facility was still working:

“I can see the cryptocurrency mine had power from my window while we’re sitting in the dark, and I find it a little offensive that the power companies cut off our power while leaving the crypto mines operational.”

While Lugiewicz has already made the decision to relocate, many residents are elderly and unable to do so. He raised hopes that the authorities take necessary measures to stop the “insane” noise and restore the well-being of the Murphy inhabitants:

“For my friends and neighbors, I’m fighting more. One of our neighbors lived at the summit of the mountain, and her house feels like it will shake to pieces. There, it’s really loud.”

Crypto Mining Could Have Benefits, Too

Despite repeated assertions to the contrary, mining cryptocurrencies could have a beneficial effect if done correctly. Mining cryptocurrencies uses a lot of energy and has been linked to environmental damage.

An illustration of this is the Canadian town of North Vancouver, where the Lonsdale Energy Corporation (LEC) collaborated with the bitcoin miner MintGreen to recycle released energy and use it to heat residential and commercial buildings.

Since the mining company runs at full capacity every day of the year, the creative heating solution gives the locals a constant supply of electricity.


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