BT-Miners Review 2023 (All You Should Know Before Buying)

Written by Arya Wang

January 29, 2023

BT-Miners Review 2023 (All You Should Know Before Buying)

One of the better-known shoddy retailers must be BT-Miners (

More name changes have been made to BT Miners than to any other retailer over the years. As a result of buyers throwing away their mining equipment, the situation has changed. The miner won’t be in perfect condition and most of the accessories will be missing as a result. In addition, complaints about overcharging and shipping delays exist.

In our in-depth BT-MINERS REVIEW, we discovered the following.

Brief Analysis of BT-Miners

One of the biggest distributors of cryptographic hardware in both China and the US, according to the company. Funny thing is, the platform tends to rely more on offline sales. Leading brands like Bitmain, Innosilicon, and MicroBT miners are purportedly represented by BT-Miners.

All of this is an effort to give the platform a trustworthy appearance. You get a platform instead that falls short of what it promises. You have a platform that won’t bother carrying out your instructions. The majority of buyers of BT Miners have lost money.

After you pay, the platform will probably raise the miner’s price. Bulk purchasers are kicking themselves for their choice. Costs will even go up by 10% thanks to the platform. It’s also unacceptable.

The platform must be called out for disregarding morality. The platform is unable to provide the appropriate miner without a PSU. If you still don’t believe us, try reading some other unbiased reviews.

Accessible ASIC Miners With BT-Miners

The Bitmain S19J Pro Antminer, according to BT-Miners, is available. Sadly, because it’s out of stock, the majority of stores don’t have it. The store could not possibly have such a hot miner. Here are the first warning signs that appear.

The platform will declare that the miner is present in its stock. You receive a confirmation email after placing your order and paying for it. According to the email, your order is being processed by the platform and will ship two to four weeks from now.

Affiliate Partnership

Affiliate partners who have already signed up have a lot to lose. Commission releases from the platform won’t be made. Because of this, you won’t find any reputable businesses supporting BT Miners.

Unlucky affiliate Jayden Carroll recommended his friends use to purchase miners. He appears to have lost it, though, because none of the friends received their miners. His reputation has suffered as a result. didn’t release any commissions, which was a further insult. Additionally, because the platform deleted his credentials, his affiliate account is not accessible. No reputable retailer will therefore associate with BT Miners.

Available Special Miners and Parts Category

A category for special miners and parts is also present. The Goldshell KD5 and the Goldshell HS5 Handshake are a couple of the miners. Also visible on the list is the Bitmain D7 Dash Coin miner.

When it comes to specialized components, you receive an Antminer power supply and replacement fans. You should be aware that these miners and components are not unique. For the same price as new accessories, the store sells used accessories.

Selling accessories is not problematic; the only drawback is that these are used accessories. Any used equipment will only hinder or reduce your mining productivity. Therefore, it would be best if you had trustworthy stores that offered brand-new accessories.

Business Owner

The location of residence in Shenzhen, China. Unfortunately, we don’t know who owns or operates the platform. We do know that mining for cryptocurrencies is prohibited in China. Most manufacturers are departing for nearby nations as we publish this article.

And as a result, BT-Miners is a nonexistent platform. Regarding their updated workplace, there is no press release. Thus, we are dealing with a mysterious cryptocurrency retailer. These platforms should be avoided.

Manufacturers who were subject to the ban have already issued transparency statements. To let investors know where they are, these shops alter their location status. Those who transact on the shaky ground fail to disclose their whereabouts to investors.

BT-Miners Review 2023 (All You Should Know Before Buying)

BT-Miners License and Regulation

BT-Miners lacks any compliance documents and is not a licensed platform. A registry entry for the company is missing. And this permits the platform to run however they see fit. Because of this, there is no return policy for sold goods.

Regulators must safeguard consumers. And for this reason, the platform is unable to obtain a license. Please make sure to read the terms and conditions of any store before participating. Avoid companies that don’t provide warranties or refunds.

Client Testimony

Numerous buyers have taken to TrustPilot and other crypto forum groups to express their rage. Shipping for BT Miners will take longer, costing more money. That is not the appropriate way to interact with customers.

The marketplace should be transparent and limit its sales to used miners at fair prices. So you can purchase used miners at trustworthy and fair prices. As opposed to, whatever stingy shop tries to take advantage of customers who are crypto-miners.

Contact and Customer Support

You can expect to speak with a chat representative by clicking the chat tab. The response you receive states that the platform will reply via email. Leave your email address and wait for a response.

Two telephone numbers are also visible, one from Australia and the other from the UK. How are these phone numbers present on a platform of Chinese origin? Our suspicion is that a virtual phone provider is being used by the platform.

This is aimed at crypto miners in the UK and the wider Pacific region. Departing your email address will help you avoid falling into their trap. We believe that the store is also collecting user email information.

Payment and Shipping

Bitcoin is accepted as payment for BT Miners. Bank and wire transfers are additional options. Sadly, wire transfer users are aware that the platform didn’t get any money. The truth is that they did, and BT Miners wants to take your money.

BT-Miners Review 2023 (All You Should Know Before Buying)

Customers’ Review of BT-Miners


• The process went smoothly and according to plan. A good place to buy miners
• Bt-miners is fantastic; I ordered a CK6 and received it within a week. Expertly packaged, and amazing communication from Lena
• received, organized, and humming. Thank you.
• VANESSA HOLT has my sincere gratitude for handling my investment so swiftly.
• On Amazon, I made a purchase. good customer service.
• My miner arrived in a week after I made a purchase from their Amazon page. Runs great.
• I recently used my credit card to purchase 4 miners from them. Customer service is available here in the United States, and they are legit. My order was shipped by them after about a week. Within a day of my emailing them, they answered every question I had. I’ve had a positive experience thus far. No issues.


• They took my money and didn’t deliver anything to my door, which makes me very angry. That is a crime.
• The incorrect miner was sent to me by BT Miners, and its power supply (50 Hz) is incompatible with my continent. I’m unable to use my miner and was unable to get in touch with customer service.
• The miner I received was used even though it had been advertised as NEW. The fans have dust buildup and appear to have years’ worth of scratches, dents, and other wear and tear. NOT what I paid for.!
• Costs will even go up by 10% thanks to the platform. And that’s not acceptable.
• didn’t release any commissions, which was a further insult.
The platform BT-Miners lacks compliance documents and is not licensed.

Final Thought of BT-Miners

The majority of BT-Miners reviews, as you have all noticed, are unfavorable. There are reviews that are favorable though. You can now choose whether or not to purchase cryptocurrency mining equipment from BT-Miners. If you ask our opinion, all we can advise you to do is thoroughly research your options before making a decision.


Is BT-miners Com Legit?

From one review, Bt-Miners received a consumer rating of 4 stars, indicating that most customers are generally happy with their purchases. Of the sites that sell hardware, Bt-Miners is ranked number 34.

Where is BT-miners Located?

BT-Miners is located in Ballston Lake, New York, United States

Is Bitcoinminer Website Legit?

There are numerous online reviews that claim it is a reliable tool. Additionally, since you don’t pay anything for the app, it is less likely to defraud you with your money.

Is Bitcoin GPU Mining Real?

In many cases, the profitability of using GPUs for cryptocurrency mining depends on the particular cryptocurrency. Due to fierce competition, using ASICs, or application-specific integrated circuits, for mining is less profitable for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

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What Is An ASIC Chip? (Facts To Know)

What Is An ASIC Chip? (Facts To Know)

Application Specific Integrated Circuits, or ASICs, are special-purpose integrated circuits that are created and manufactured to meet particular user requirements as well as the needs of a particular electronic system.

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